The 5 Craziest Cruises For Guys

Everybody likes to travel if it means getting to go on vacation. But sometimes just going somewhere is not enough — it’s how you get there. Cars take too long to go anywhere cool, planes are cramped unless you can afford to fly first class, and trains are just so 19th century. That leaves the cruise industry. The comfort of traveling via the high seas in a luxury cruise ship can be a vacation in itself. Sometimes the cruise itself is not enough though. Sometimes you need something a little special; something more geared towards your interest. How about a cruise vacation with the theme of your choice?

The Swingers Cruise

Well someone’s finally done it. They’ve created a place for horny people who are bored in their relationships to cheat on the high seas. Dreams do come true! Now all you have to do is convince your girlfriend/wife that it will be a wonderful experience. And not just the cruise — but the whole STD testing after the cruise too!

The Divorcee’s Cruise

Who needs to take a vacation more than someone who is newly divorced? Who better to relate to divorced people then other divorced people? Have a rebound meaningless relationship completely based on sex just got a lot easier.

Renaissance Festival Cruise 2011

Want to eat with your hands, rip meat of the bone with your teeth, drink large amounts of ale and call all the women dirty little wenches and not get slapped once? Then you have to book your ticket (via courier?) to go on the Renaissance Festival cruise.

Ravens/ Raiders Cruise

This could be the cruise of life time if it ends up being anything even remotely like the little ‘cruise’ the Vikings took a few years ago. Any cruise where a player tries to defend himself by saying he was not with naked women but gambling illegally (thanks, Daunte) had to be a raunchy good time.

Celebrity Cruises

What’s better than getting seasick among strangers?! How about getting seasick in front of former celebrities who are now reduced to making money by going on cruises.After all these years it would be interesting to see what Vanna White looks like off camera. The woman has not aged in about 20 years (on camera that is). The guy from the Deadliest Catch has one later this month — either that or his production people messed up big time when booking his ship. And while it may be a little creepy, who would not like to talk sex with Dr. Ruth?

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