The 9 Songs No Guy Will Admit to Owning

It’s true, at the end of a long day it’s absolutely mandatory to close off the rest of the world and blast some Taylor Swift tunes. We play these songs at the gym, in our dorms, apartments, and in our cars (windows completely rolled up).  Who knew that so many dudes out there secretly listened to the exact same music as their girlfriends?

1. ‘You belong with me’ By Taylor Swift

Miss Swift plays two characters in this video. A guy I know told me he would love to go out with the “Marching Band Taylor Swift.” Right… but that doesn’t explain why he listens to it on his iPod.

2. ‘What is love’ By Haddaway

A night at the Roxbury wasn’t the greatest movie ever made (okay that’s an understatement), but this song is very memorable.  Remember the head-bobbing that goes with it? Yeah, try not to break your neck while doing it.

3. ‘Burning Up’ By Jonas Brothers

When the Jonas Brothers were on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine every guy was shaking his head. That’s why it came as a shock to me when I saw this on a few of my friends’ iPods. But I guess even the manliest of men need to blast a little tweener music when they’re driving.

4. ‘Baby’ By Justin Bieber

Undeniably catchy and Ludacris is in it?! And it’s easy to sing to! Who cares that we were graduating high school when he was born.

5. ‘I want it that way’ By Backstreet Boys

‘I want it that way’ made the top five in VH1’s 100 greatest songs of the 90’s.   Whether it was the most played song on the radio in grade school or the most requested at the eighth grade dance, you have to admit that eleven years later you still get emotional as you belt out this song.

6. ‘Mmmbop’ By Hanson

Why Hanson? Why not? Who doesn’t secretly wish he were a Hanson? Who doesn’t at least wish that he could grow his hair past his shoulders and still be considered a sex icon?

7. ‘Sexy Back’ By Justin Timberlake

Whether you really are sexy or just wish you were, this is hands down the BEST song to listen to at the gym.  Ironically, no one at the gym is usually bringing sexy back.

8. ‘Don’t stop believing’ By The Cast of Glee

The commercials are kind of annoying and you might think the show is pretty stupid (slash have it tivoed), but this song makes up for it. And be honest with yourself, you were getting a little sick of fist pumping to the Journey version at the bars every Friday night.

9. ‘Single Ladies’ By Beyonce

It’s the ex-girlfriend anthem! More importantly Kanye loved it enough to destroy boost Taylor Swift’s career.

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