Fight Acne The Manly Way

Acne is the most common skin disorder seen by doctors, and chances are you’ve had at least one pimple in your life. But why does acne occur? Why do all the face wash commercials feature girls? And more importantly, why does it still happen to grown men? (40% of adults still suffer from acne). There’s no reason for you to suffer from acne when there are so many great products out there for men.

First things first…how does acne even happen?

Acne is caused when excess oil and dead skin cells combine to plug the skins pores, thereafter, bacteria forms behind the pore and causes inflammation and swelling (red dots). Since birth and until the day you die your skin will always shed dead skin cells. That mixed with your current diet and daily activities (working out, sports etc.) means your skin could still look like a raw piece of meat at 30, rather than the well-defined and post- pubescent face that you desire.

Second things second…What’s a good long term solution?

Considering you aren’t a teenager anymore, you shouldn’t fight acne using those teenage treatments and wipes that burn your skin before soothing the irritated pores. Welcome to the 21st Century acne and say hello to Proactiv skin solution, the alcohol (and burn-free) solution. It’s a great long term solution for chronic acne.

Chances are you’ve seen Jessica Simpson, among other celebrities, speaking out about how ugly and desperate they are when they “break out” ( 1-2 little pimples is hardly a travesty to most ordinary people) and that Proactiv has saved their careers. Well it actually works, using a 3 part system Proactiv: renews, revitalizes and repairs your skin. I use it, and so to do my siblings, hell if it can make Jasper from Twilight look human again (1:17 of the clip), it can solve that acne problem you’ve been suffering from.

Finally…what’s an almost instant fix?

So now you’re thinking sure Proactiv is great, but what I can use in the short term that will cure individual pimples right now. Well vitamin A is reported to improve acne dramatically, yes hallelujah we’ve found a cure. While it may not actually cure it, it’s used perfectly as a quick home remedy: Simply grind up orange peels into a paste mixing with water, than apply the paste to the pimple and surrounding skin.

Not so much into natural remedies? You could also invest in a good acne spot treatment cure that contains salicylic acid. It dries up the pimple and helps to remove redness so that your face looks almost presentable.

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