5 Ways To Tell If A Girl Wants To Hook Up

Dates aren’t the easiest things in the world for guys. Girls are extremely complicated and, often times, throw mixed signals. How can you tell if she wants to hook up with you at the end of the date (or more realistically sloppy bar night)? To be honest, there’s no definitive way to tell. But, here are five cues that could potentially help you from getting embarrassingly denied.[/slide]

Hair Flip

This is a difficult one to catch as girls are constantly playing with their hair. But, if a girl runs her hand through her hair and flips it, that means she’s interested in pursuing more after the date. It also means that whatever you’re doing conversation-wise is good. This is a good sign, but it in no ways means you’re in the clear. It’s just a move that gives you insight into what she’s thinking. If you get the hair flip, you at least have a chance.[/slide]

Laughs at all Your Jokes

Let’s be honest — some of our jokes just aren’t that funny. A good tester to see if a girl wants you is to throw out a bad one and see her response. If she laughs, she’s into you. She wants to explore, sexually, where you two can go. And if she doesn’t laugh, you can either recover or bail. Easy test for guaranteed results.

I Had a (insert positive adjective) Time/Night

If a girl says this, you did everything right. They don’t throw this out there without semi-meaning it. You’re still not there yet though, because when she says this, it means she’s still on the fence. You’ve got a chance to really nail it, so don’t mess it up after hearing this.
Note: I had a good time/night means you have failed. Good is the key term here as it separates hooking up from striking out. Like I said, girls are complicated and it’s our job to interpret, but this is one sure-tell sign that you aren’t getting laid.[/slide]

Unnecessary Touching

Unless this girl has been all over you the entire time, a simple touch, stroke, whatever at the end of night means she wants you. You have the green light to kiss, but nothing more than that yet. It’s all up to you now because this touching tells you that the rest of the night is in your hands. Be careful, though, because one small wrong move, and you are out.

Minimal Eye Contact

Life is not a movie. You don’t stare into a girls eyes for multiple seconds before you kiss. Rather, girls struggle to look you in the eye if they are really into you and want to hook up. They look at you, and then look down and smile. It’s surprising, but every girl has this tell, and when you see it, get ready for a good end to the night.

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