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Freakin’ Hot or Freakshow?



At first glance, these super hotties seem perfectly normal – in fact, they look a hell of a lot better than most people. But take a closer look and you realize they’re more like something from the Coney Island Freak Show than world-famous sex symbols. From nubby thumbs to cyborg bellies, these five beauties put the “freak” in “Freakin’ hot!”


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Megan Fox

Until recently, we were under the assumption that Megan Fox was as close to perfection as a woman could get – she’s badass, used to date a stripper named Nikita and is so f**king hot our computers catch fire every time she pops up on the screen. But then it started to go downhill. First, we found out that she’s obsessed with Zac Efron. And then this: her thumb. Megan has the most gnarled club thumb we’ve ever seen. It’s like something out of a nightmare. If that’s the karmic price she paid for being so hot, we’re not sure was worth it.

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Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova doesn’t have a belly button. So what, right? Wrong. Like it or not, when you’re an internationally-known supermodel, you can’t have a f**ked up body part that everyone can see. Granted, it took a while for anybody to notice, but that’s probably because magazine art directors have been photoshopping other people’s belly buttons onto her pictures, just so she doesn’t look like such a weirdo. Doctors guess her lack of a belly button was caused by surgery she may have had as a child. Our guess? Alien, no doubt about it.

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Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton might have the same number of fingers as you now, but that wasn’t always the case. The Quantum of Solace Bond Girl was reportedly born with six fingers on both hands, but doctors quickly “tied-off” the extra digits, causing them to fall off leaving only small scars. Um…ooookkkkaaayyy! That is f**king weird as hell. I mean, what the heck do you do with dead baby fingers after they’ve fallen off, put them in a scrap book?

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Tara Reid

What a shame. Back in the day when American Pie wasn’t a played out series and Tara Reid was still a smokey-voiced hottie, we thought this former bombshell would keep us interested for a long time to come. Boy, were we wrong! First it was her F’ed-up boob job, which we could live with (kinda). But then her stomach started looking like a Chernobyl victim’s vagina and it was all downhill from there.

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Kate Hudson

Ok, so Kate Hudson doesn’t have six toes on one foot – at least she doesn’t anymore. A while back, speculation was swirling around that Hudson did, indeed, have an extra digit on her left foot. Turns out it’s not an extra digit, but an extra chunk of foot that just *looks like a sixth toe* Wow, what an improvement! If you are born with an extra head and just cut it off, leaving the neck, you’re still a freak, let’s just put it that way.

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