The 5 Scariest Soccer Hooligan Brawls

The World Cup is nearly upon us, and while the global clash of soccer titans is one of the greatest events in sports, some fan insanity is an exciting unfortunate part of its history. People are about as serious as a heart attack when it comes to their nation’s teams — occasionally dividing into warring factions which resemble something out of the revolutionary war. From fisticuffs in the stands, to all out brawls and rioting in the streets, the international community sure takes their sports seriously.

Russians vs. Welsh – Are you kidding me? These rival fans give an entirely different meaning to the pregame. Instead of having a few beers and kicking a ball around, they engage in a brawl which resembles a scene from Braveheart.

Spartak vs. Zenit – Two Russian mobs of fans try to settle the score in massive numbers. Wait until the end to see who wins.

Serbia vs. Croatia – This mayhem breaks out right into the field, with opposing sides beating each other for a few minutes until the police finally restore some sort of order. Even better, the announcer continues to commentate throughout the chaos as if nothing unusual was really happening.

Fenerbahce vs Galatasaray – No way! Rioting fans actually light the stadium on fire, as players and police look on. The crowd cheers and hollers throughout the whole video. This one you’ve got to see to believe.

Rome and Manchester United vs Police – A fight between the rivals breaks out, prompting a brutal police response. The incident was covered by news outlets around the world with questions of police brutality and excessive force.

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