5 Women’s Products That Every Guy Should Use

You watch your girlfriend, wife, or mistress as she stands at the bathroom mirror removing her makeup, truly surrounded by an army of beauty products. She has, in her haste, even taken over your small corner of the bathroom counter. Before you try to defend your territory, no matter how small it may be, let me tell you these products are not all bad. Would you believe me if I told you that many of those products she uses can and should be used by men? Yes, it does seem crazy.  It’s like saying the winning lottery numbers are actually printed on that tiny piece of paper inside your fortune cookie.  Dove and Neutrogena have both launched men’s lines and it won’t be long before every guy has their own counter full of products.

As a competitive man, it’s important to keep ahead of the pack, especially when it comes to looking good. So think of those products you see everyday, taking over your counter space, as potential winning lottery numbers, just sitting there waiting to be picked. Here are the next winning numbers:

1. Bikini Zone Women use it after they shave “down there,” but you should be using it after your morning routine to combat against razor burn and irritation (which occurs when the skin is chafed during shaving).  Bikini Zone contains an analgesic that soothes pain and irritation, while also speeding along new skin cells to replace the scraped ones. Finally, Bikini Zone is a must have, because it only dries out the razor burn and not your healthy skin (unlike products with high alcohol content like Old Spice).


2. Dermalogica Intensive Eye Gel – You have just pulled your second all-nighter in a row to finish that mid-term paper or you just got back from a weekend of binge drinking and have to be ready for work Monday or your significant other has kept you up for several nights just to “talk”. Pick any of these scenarios and you have a problem — you look like crap. Enter eye gel, all natural solution that you apply to the skin under your eyes, giving you a look that says “I got a solid eight hours of sleep last night.” Essentially the gel tightens the skin, giving your eyes (the focal point of your face) a refreshed look, whether or not your mind and body are anywhere near awake.  This is a great product to keep hidden in your desk at work or in the glove compartment of your car.



3. Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask–  Men have been getting pampered years before brands began marketing beauty products to just women. So, in Mel Gibson like fashion, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror applying the mysterious conditioning mask to my face (with the guidance of my girlfriend).  After it had hardened, I rinsed off the insanely expensive clay mask.  Why does it cost so much? The mask contains Burdock extract, which cleanses the skin’s pores and draws out any rooted impurities. Truth be told, after the mask, my skin felt great for the rest of the week. No one has to know you use it.


4. Vaseline Coco Butter Body Oil– This is not a product you take to the “Y” or even on a weekend trip to your friends cottage. It should have a permanent spot on the edge of your bathtub, or next to your Barry White record(s). While I was tight-lipped about using this product at first, the embarrassment virtually disappeared when I figured no person (man or woman) should have dry skin if they can help it. Vaseline offers that ability to lock in the skins moisture after a shower since showers strip natural protective oils from the skin. Although it smelled as though I was applying a fresh-baked chocolate cake to my body, the odor disappeared as soon as the lotion had soaked into my skin. Essentially the oil protected my skin like a body of armor (I was let down when I found out my skin was no stronger than before),  but the compliments I got around the office about my skin’s newfound luster helped boost my confidence.


5. PedEgg– You can’t get away with wearing flip-flops or sandals just yet, but spring is fast approaching. I have thought about ditching my shoes for the freedom of flip-flops on several occasions already, yet after months of cold weather and long socks I found the bottoms of my heels were ultimately layered in dry, dead skin. For years I had just let nature do its business and the dry skin on my heels disappeared after several showers and some continuous exposure to fresh air. Last summer, as my heels ached after another full day of wearing steel-toe work boots,a friend of mine told me about PedEgg,  (essentially a cheese grater for your feet), and how well it worked for her  She was no liar, the egg-shaped grater worked like a charm, and the dry skin was collected in the bottom half of the egg for easy disposal.

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