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10 Most Hilarious Ricky Gervais Clips


Ricky Gervais is a comedic All-Star. While he is a well-known celebrity in the United States, in the United Kingdom he is a bona-fide superstar. And rightly so. This comedian/actor/director/writer/producer is responsible for large sums of comedy gold. With the television shows The Office and Extras already under his belt, he has gone on to make several major motion pictures as well as host awards shows. Ricky Gervais’s star is continuously rising, and it’s time to take notice.

10. The Office (Compilation)

The Office is a Ricky Gervais classic. Every fan can list dozens of favorite moments. So, for the sake of brevity, we’re counting all of these moments as one list item. While Gervais is not in every second, know that he was behind it.


9. Creationism

This clip is from Ricky Gervais’s “Animals” stand-up special. Ricky Gervais discovered an old book in the library that contradicts evolution. You guessed it…it is, in fact, the Bible. Here, Ricky Gervais explains creationism the way only Ricky Gervais would.


8. Hitler on Nietzsche

From Ricky Gervais’s “Politics” stand-up special. Gervais discusses Hitler’s interest in Nietzsche’s work and Nietzsche’s possible response.


7. 2008 British Comedy Awards

In this bit from the 2008 British Comedy Awards, Ricky Gervais accepts an award from the comfort of his bed. And he’s not alone there…


6. David Brent’s Charity Dance

Okay, so we said we’d just put up the one The Office compilation video and call it good. But we have a little thing called “journalistic integrity” and professional ethic dictate we need to share this with you. Here, Ricky Gervais as David Brent dances for charity.


5. War, Physics, and Racism

In this clip from Ricky Gervais’s “Fame” special, Gervais discusses war, physics, and racism. Brace yourself for a riveting discussion on Gervais’s favorite war and why it was his favorite.


4. Extras Dwarf Fight

In this episode of Extras, Gervais as Andy Millman had implied that Warwick’s fiance would prefer Millman himself, as Warwick is a dwarf. When Warwick gets angry, hilarious chaos ensues and Millman does some unintentional damage.


3. Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais is an incredible awards show host. In the 2010 Golden Globes, he mocked plastic surgery, celebrities, and (of course) Steve Carell.


2. Nursery Rhymes

This is another clip from Gervais’s “Politics” stand-up special. Here, he discusses the lessons learned from nursery rhymes, including the flawed logic of Humpty Dumpty.


1. Gervais Meets Elmo

I bet you didn’t know that Ricky Gervais took a walk down Sesame Street. He did. Here, he does an interview with Elmo. We’re guessing most of you didn’t know that Elmo was racy enough to star in this classic Ricky Gervais moment.



This is from The Ricky Gervais Show, but The Ricky Gervais Show is mostly about Karl Pilkington. Still funny, though. Listen for Gervais’s memorable laugh.

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