7 Steps To Getting a Perfect Head of Hair

Washing your hair is just one of several tasks you take on before you even grab a cup of coffee in the morning, that and piss, shower, and shave. But for effective washing, it’s important to consider what you treat your hair with and how many times a week you put that into effect. Here’s the COED guide to become a hair model.
Is your hair dry, oily or normal?
Pick a shampoo that will either lock in moisture, or cut grease from your hair and scalp. Not all shampoos are the same. After several uses, you’ll be able to tell what shampoo is right for you.
Is your scalp sensitive or flaky?
Make sure you pick a shampoo that complements your scalp. Head & Shoulders works for all hair types and it contains pyrithione zinc, which helps in fortifying your hair, and in soothing your scalp (and dermatitis). If your shampoo contains perfume, your more likely to feel the irritation, and you could end up covered in a ring of white flakes from all the scratching.
Do you color your hair?
Be cautious when picking a shampoo if you color your hair. Pantene and Garnier are all reputable brands with a proven track record with color-protecting shampoos. If you’re not careful everyone may end up knowing those “sun kissed” tips of yours are actually enhanced.
How many times should I wash it?
Over-washing will strip your hair of its natural oils (sebum), leaving your hair noticeably dry. It’s safe to wash your hair once every 2-3 days (depending on length). But be sure to rinse your hair with water on your off days.
How much shampoo do I use?
Don’t over use on the product. For short hair, stick with a palm size amount (no bigger than a quarter), and leave it on for over 2 minutes. For shoulder length hair and longer, go with double the amount and leave it on your head for 5 minutes or longer.
Do I use a Conditioner?
It’s not necessary, unless you wash your hair daily (due to your job, work-out routine etc).
How do I deal with hair in other places?
That’s a huge question that can best be answered with a beginner’s guide to manscapping.

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