10 Female Shows That Guys Secretly Like Watching

Men love to thump their chest, scratch whatever they feel like, drink beer, and eat meat of all kinds. We love football and fights. We love the blood that drips off the boxer’s nose when he picks himself up off the mat. Whenever we see scantily clad babes we can’t help but smile. And we also love chick shows? We can’t openly admit it or we’d have to turn in our Man Cards, but some of those television shows that are wives and girlfriends make us watch are not half bad (my wife might read this so I can’t profess to like them too much).

Desperate Housewives (Sundays at 9PM on ABC)

Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria Parker,  Nicolette Sheridan (even though she is no longer on the show), Dana Delany are all smoking hot chicks. Even if the show sucked it would be worth it to tune in to check out these babes. The recent arc that had Dana Delany hooking up with a lesbian stripper was enough to get any male interested in this show. It also helps that it is actually pretty funny too.


Any Dating Show with Brett Michaels in it

Chicks may think this guy is something special, but guys like to tune in for the bevy of babes that will stoop to all sorts of levels of depravity for his affections. While our girlfriends get into the pseudo storyline that the show creates, we secretly wish we were him.


The Bachelor

While not as sleazy as the VH1 dating shows, this one gives us a great look into how desperate some women are — as well as how much crap they are willing to put up with if they think it will get them the guy.


Dancing with the Stars (Monday and Tuesday at 8PM on ABC)

They manage to make even the least attractive of chicks look hot. As much as I dislike the show, I tune in now to see what stars like,  Pamela Anderson, will do next.


Cougar Town (Wednesday at 9:30PM on ABC)

This show was supposed to be all about female empowerment as Courtney Cox adjusts to life as a 40-year-old divorcee. It is actually pretty darn funny and just as much about her fun-loving ex-husband and next door neighbor who owns a bar and just gotten done ‘dating’ Sheryl Crow (lucky dog).


Fly Girls (Wednesdays at 9PM on the CW)

A show about 5 young, hot stewardesses is fuel to every guy’s mile-high dreams.  And of course it helps that the airline they work for is called Virgin.


Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too (Tuesdays at 10PM on the Oxygen Network)

No guy should ever admit to watching any show on this network, but every guy should watch this show. It puts an interesting spin on the dating reality show genre by taking three hot chicks and having them battle it out for the affections of 13 guys. Cattiness is oh-so entertaining.


Wife Swap (Fridays at 8PM on ABC)

Women dig this show because they all think they they’re right and can therefore show others how to fix their busted lives. Guys dig it because we enjoy watching other guys tell crazy chicks to shut the heck up.


The Soup (Fridays at 10 PM on E!)

Chicks dig gossip and that is pretty much what this show is all about. Guys don’t mind watching because Joel McHale is actually a pretty funny guy.


Kendra (Sundays at 10PM on E!)

Women love to watch what they perceive as a strong, independent woman — guys like chicks that use to pose for Playboy.

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