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5 Best Dressed Players in the NBA


In the spirit of the NBA Playoffs, I thought it’d be appropriate to acknowledge the off-the-court swagger of some of the best athletes in the business. I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about fashion, but even I can tell when a guy is rocking some fresh gear. Ever since David Stern implemented the dress code for NBA players to follow, there’s been a silent competition across the League as to who can look the freshest for the TNT cameras as they do their countdown to tip off. Here’s my list of the 5 best dressed athletes.

5. O.J. Mayo

Mayo looks more like a young Nobel prize winner than the highest recruited baller out of high school since Lebron. Rocking the beige three-piece suit with some professor frames and a fat Rolex, he looked like the #1 overall pick on Draft night.

4. Kobe Bryant

Kobe rolled up to the MTV Movie Awards looking like Kid Cudi would at the Princeton University Spring Concert. The sweater makes the outfit, and I’m sure that’s probably because it’s a $2500 custom color, hand-made cashmere jumpoff made by Mr. Gucci himself.

3. Chris Paul

Chris Paul is one of the classiest guys in the NBA and he dresses the part. This past February, Paul donated his third playground-style basketball court to the city of New Orleans in his effort to help rebuild the city. Simple, classy, and sponsored by Jordan.

2. Lebron James

Mr. James doesn’t need any introduction. He’s about to win his second straight NBA MVP — this time probably by unanimous vote. In 3 months, he’ll become the highest paid player in the game (and probably in its history) so it’s no surprise he’s got the best stylists in his entourage. I mean if I wouldn’t look like a complete douchebag, I would rock this exact outfit (sans leather bag). And I’m pretty sure he’s holding a cell phone in his right hand and has one still clipped in his belt buckle. I think the one in is hand is Donnie Walsh’s private line.

1. Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade is my pick mainly because of his versatility and creativity. In the yellow vest, he looks like an underground rapper that would be featured in one of Kanye West‘s music videos. In the second, he looks like a mafia don from the 70s straight out of American Gangster. Either way, the dude is always the freshest dressed in the room

  • COED Writer