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Pretty Wild’s Tess Taylor Overdose (120 Photos)


It’s safe to say that Tess Taylor has exceeded our wildest exceptions when it comes to being pretty wild. In fact we’ll go as far as to say that after we saw these topless screen grabs from her E! reality show, we decided she was probably downright crazy. After all, it’s pretty rare to find a naked picture of your average Playboy model smoking from a bong or a picture of her running around town in blackface. If she keeps this behavior up (and keeps the clothes off) she’s on her way to becoming an A-list celebrity famous for doing absolutely nothing. So in hopes of extending her 15 minutes of fame, we give you the official Tess Taylor overdose. And if this overdose doesn’t kill you, Kim Kardashian and Denise Milani certainly will.

If you want to see the NSFW versions of these photos click here!

  • COED Writer