Weapons of Mass Distraction: 2010 Hooters Calendar Girls Invade Iraq

Is there anything more sexy than selflessness? According to these pictures, we’re going to have to say no. The 2010 Hooter’s Calendar Girls, known around here for dominating Las Vegas, traveled to Iraq recently as part of Hooter’s cleverly named Let Freedom Wing program. We caught up with Miss Hooters International 2009, Raechel Holtgrave on the front lines. In between spreading democracy and turning on our soldiers, she gave us a little insight ( as well as some hotter-than-the-desert pictures) as to what she was doing in the Middle East.

Q. What do the troops do for fun in their down time? There are a lot of night clubs and parties. Haha.. just playing. There is absolutely NO alcohol in Iraq and Kuwait, so we drank “near beer” with the guys. The soldiers find ways to have fun. We got invited to a barbecue, salsa night, and they were always showing movies. I think the girls and I did a pretty good job of bringing some fun and a little taste of home as well.

Q. What various type of transportation did you use in Iraq and did you feel safe? We flew on a commercial flight from the states to Kuwait. Then from Kuwait to Iraq we took a C-130, which is a military plane. It’s crazy, the seats are made of nets and they do tactical landings and take-offs, so it’s definitely not the most comfortable ride. Once you leave Kuwait you have to wear a bullet proof flack jacket and a helmet when entering and leaving each base. The first time I went in November 2009 this worried me because when they give you the vests they also tell you that when you hear an alarm followed by “Incoming” you need to find the nearest bunker because we’re getting bombed. Going from base to base we rode in Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters. They let me sit up front and control the Chinook, it was awesome! The Blackhawk was probably my favorite because the doors were open on the sides so it was a great view of Iraq and the pilot gave us an awesome ride! It felt like a rollercoaster!

Q. You said that when you’re flying you have to have a gun “just in case.” Why is this? Yeah that was crazy! I got to help fly the Chinook helicopter and before you take off you have to do a check for all the guns. The pilots took the guns out and had me hold onto them while we flew. They said if the plane went down or we had to land somewhere, they might need the gun. The men and women who fight for our country are definitely bad asses!

Q. From the pictures it looks like Kuwait isn’t the hell hole many American’s may assume it to be. What are the three most positive things you saw in Kuwait? The people in Kuwait take their religion very seriously. They pray 5 times a day and the prayer comes on an intercom across the whole city. I think this is an awesome way to keep the city united, however one of the times was at 3am! There was also a lot of airport security — instead of having to go through one security check point to get to your gate, you have to go through three. We also got a chance to walk around downtown Kuwait, which was interesting because on one side of the street would be elegant buildings and directly across the street would be completely disheveled buildings. The malls were beautiful and they had a lot of American chains like Starbucks and Pizza Hut.

Even thought they’re in the middle of the desert, The Jersey Shore and the infamous “My New Haircut” Jager Bombs video are popular in Iraq.

Q. What city is this? Did you have any scary moments? This was a city in Iraq and I thought it was interesting that some of the cities were actually green. Normally when you think of Iraq, you think desert. There was one base that really scared me. Most of the places we stayed we got the royal treatment as far as rooms (in November we even stayed at Saddam’s Palace!).  But this base was far from a royal palace. The troops ate in a barely-lit tent, slept in a large room with several people, and had to do all their business in porta-potties. There was a sand storm moving in the night we were there and we almost had to spend the night. These men and women stay here for a year at least and fight for our country and I was scared to stay one night.

Pretty sure these twins would make a good addition to the 2010 “Boobquake” revolution.


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