The 10 Most Controversial South Park Clips

The outrageous, offensive, and occasionally socially conscious foursome just entered its 14th year on the air this April. And while most shows fade away after 3 or 4 years, South Park is still making headlines for its controversial plots. Just last week they managed to offend an entire religion (Islam) with their depiction of Muhammad dressed as a bear. What should have been a typical episode exploded into a worldwide debate that climaxed when the South Park creators lives were threatened. So it looks like their 14th season might not only keep the offensive jokes coming, but it might also raise its own bar for causing trouble. In honor of their latest controversy, here are ten crazy, controversial, and hilarious scenes from South Park over the years.

Cripple Fight – Rocky vs. Apollo. Ali vs. Frazier. Timmy vs. Jimmy? This is the handicapped battle for the ages, although there’s no way it should be this funny.

Wait, So How Does This Thing Steer? – Something tells us people would rather pay higher gas prices or fight with the airline companies than drive Mr. Garrison’s The It.

Suicide Bomber in Imaginationland – Nothing is really as tragic as seeing childhood heroes and cartoon characters blown to bits. It’s even worse when it’s at the hands of terrorists.

South Park Whore-Off: Mr. Slave vs. Paris Hilton – If you thought Paris Hilton was as mind numbingly dumb and whorish as it gets, wait until you catch this clip.

Kyle Kills Jesus on Easter – In order to save everyone, Kyle must commit the unthinkable at Jesus’ request. The Catholic church went ballistic over the implications of this episode, which were only topped by this scene.

It’s an Anal Miracle! – Another bizarre clip, so shocking religious groups tried to have it pulled off the air in numerous countries around the globe.

The Worst Chili Ever – Cartman proves he is the master of revenge, taking down Scott Tenorman in a method so evil it makes you cringe.

I Don’t Think This is What The Church Had in Mind – Instead of treading lightly around priest molestation scandals, South Park attacked the issue, rubbing salt in the church’s wound in a side-splitting fashion.

Critter Christmas Blood Orgy – There isn’t really a great deal to say about the Critter Christmas incident. Except that this one will be burned in your memory for years to come.

Scientology Scam – This is the infamous episode that took on Tom Cruise, R. Kelly, John Travolta, and the entire Scientology religion. It was so controversial that it caused the departure of Isaac Hayes, longtime voice of the character Chef.


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