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Five Body Washes You Should Be Using


Guys like to be touched.  Girls like to touch guys, but ONLY if said guy looks clean and smells fresh.  Well, now thanks to some new innovations in the male body wash market, you too can come out of the shower looking good and smelling great. And thanks to my very independent study, (courtesy of my somewhat willing boyfriend), here are the five body washes you should be using:

Nivea Men Active 3   $8-9

According to my online research, unlike women who prefer specific shampoos and soaps to match hair and skin types, men like the convenience of multifunction formulas (body washes that serve as both a shampoo and body wash, but also function as a shave gel). With that in mind Nivea created Men Active 3.

Nivea Men Active 3

Nivea Men Active 3

Now for the real life test: using a fairly small amount of Nivea Men Active 3, my guy was able to wash all his hair (granted, his hair is fairly short). He was most surprised however, when he used it to shave because he didn’t have to use very much of the product at all — despite the fact that he hadn’t shaved for several days. And he didn’t suffer from skin irritation as he sometimes does with shaving cream. Afterward, his skin and hair was soft and clean, and as a bonus we both liked the fresh, clean scent.

Axe Skin Contact Hydrating Shower Gel   $5-6

Launched in France in 1983 by Unilever, the Axe line of products are known for its catchy “how dirty boys get clean” commercials.  And of course, there’s that claim of  unrelenting female attention (more about that later).

As far as actual cleaning, according to my personal lab rat, the Skin Contact Hydrating Shower Gel lathers up well, rinses clean, and definitely leaves skin feeling protected. It moisturized his skin and kept it hydrated all day.

Now as for that scent, let me just say it ain’t all hype! I actually found myself irresistibly drawn to that yummy aroma! Even a few hours after he got out of the shower, the scent still kept going strong. And even though it smells great, it’s not overpowering like some colognes can be. So, now let it be known once and for all, that stuff smells GOOD! Oh yeah, uh, huh….

Old Spice Old Spice High Endurance  $4-7

According to my research, Old Spice introduced body wash in 2003 and is a close second to Axe among men’s brands. Old Spice also emphasizes manliness as it is the official body wash of the NFL and Nascar.  Boo-Yeah!

As for usage, I’ve been told it cleans really well. It has a nice, thick gel consistency right from the bottle that quickly lathers up and “gets me clean, leaving no soapy residue.”

And unlike other body washes the scent is not overpowering yet it lasts all day long.

Axe Snake Peel Shower Scrub   $4-7

With desert minerals and cactus oil, Axe Snake Peel Shower Scrub is designed to deep clean, exfoliate and remove dirt and dry skin. As the bottle suggests, “use daily to scrub the slate clean.”

My guy’s verdict? “The ‘desert minerals’ are very much like (and might just be) pumice and scrub away dirt and grime thoroughly.  However, it does exactly what the fine print says that it does, and that is get your “nasty rear clean.”

The Axe Effect on Women

The Axe Effect on Women

Oh yeah, and then there’s THAT scent. It smells like citrus but in a good way (a VERY good way!).

Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black   $20

According to online users, it’s the best of the high end products.

Spiced with “mango blends, nutmeg-infused espresso and the warmth of spiced woods,” Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black provides a quick-lathering, rich foaming gel that according to my user, “cleanses skin without stripping it of its moisture. It leaves skin refreshed with the scent of Polo Ralph Lauren Double Black.” Which trust me, smells very manly.

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