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11 Things That You Learn In Sex Rehab


For most of us (I say most, because some of ya’ll are just plain weird) the concept of having so much sex that you must go into rehab is just plain silly. It’s like when the Viagra commercials say that you need to seek medical help if you have an erection for more than 4 hours. Are you kidding me?! Grab a banana, drink some Gatorade,  and show her (or them) what your made of! Sex addiction?! Right!

Thanks to the likes of Tiger Woods and Jesse James the concept of sex rehab is garnering lots of national attention. Apparently there must be something to be learned from sex rehab. After all, if there is a TV show on the subject, you know it must be important (Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew).

After reviewing all the riveting literature on sex rehab (thanks to these celebrities), the trained monkeys at COED have compiled a list of things that you learn in sex rehab.

1. When you get busted cheating claim that you have a problem requiring professional help. People can’t be as mad at you since it is not your fault.

2. Want to be a celebrity again but don’t want the negative stigma that goes with drugs and alcohol? Enter sex rehab.

3. Enter sex rehab and everyone that finds out will think you’re an absolute stud.

4. Date a chick in rehab and you will more than likely get laid. If you don’t, than you know you are really, really ugly.

5. Wife/girlfriend mad about all the porn on your computer? Enter sex rehab.

6. Guys that complain about constantly having women around that want to have sex are either crazy, bragging, or secretly gay

7. Sex rehab is the same thing as ‘hating to get caught’ rehab.

8. Whenever your going through a dry spell just hang out near your local sex rehab clinic.

9. Chicks that go into sex rehab are just lonely and looking for some “attention.”

10. Hire someone to write a heartfelt apology that you can read in front of millions.

11. The real problem is that you actually think you’re having too much sex.

COED Writer