The Greatest Hockey Goalie Fights EVER!


You don’t have to be a hockey nut or even a sports fan to enjoy a crazy fight. What other major, nationally televised sport allows players to actually beat the crap out of each other? Instead of a rough hit in football, or an elbow in basketball, professional hockey athletes throw down their gloves and square off while the referees wait to eventually break it up. Goalie fighting, an especially rare treat, is even more outrageous, as the two players never come in contact during regular play. Whether its a legendary figure like Patrick Roy, or younger guys such as Ray Emery, goalies prove they can kick ass just as good as anyone out on the ice.

Patrick Roy vs Chris Osgood (4/1/98) – After a skirmish breaks out near the Colorado bench, Roy comes out to take on Detrioit’s goalie, Chris Osgood. Both guys get past the referees, throw down their gloves and masks and go at it.

Felix Potvin vs Ron Hextal (11/10/96) – After a cheap shot by a Toronto player immediately following the final horn, Hextal sprints across the ice and attacks Potvin, tearing his mask off and thrashing him.

Ray Emery vs Martin Biron (2/21/07) – Emery makes short work of Biron in this one during a line brawl, then takes on Andrew Peters. Even the coaches looked like they were going to get involved before the refs finally restored order.

Dan Cloutier vs Tommy Salo (4/4/98) – Cloutier absolutely demolishes Salo in this one, still unloading on the back of his head after he falls to the ice and then skating over to taunt the Islanders bench.

Patrick Roy vs Mike Vernon (3/26/97) – This is another violent episode in the Red Wings and Avalanche rivalry, as a huge fight breaks out involving everyone on the ice.

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