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The 7 Craziest Sports Coach Tantrums


It’s fine to be passionate and inspiring, but every once in a while sports coaches in the professional, collegiate, and semi-pro world seems to take it one step too far. As the pressure begins to mount, blood boils, and tempers flare. Fans can always count on someone to blow their stack throughout the course of a season. Whether it’s Bob Knight throwing a stool out on the basketball court, Mike Ditka hurling his clipboard into the bench, or Jim Playfair smashing hockey sticks and tearing off his blazer, some of these guys need a serious vacation at a quality anger management clinic.

Jim Playfair – AHL Abbotsford Heat Coach (3/27/10): The latest and greatest in head coach lunacy comes from the ironically named Jim Playfair, who doesn’t quite agree with the referee’s penalty call.

Phillip Wellman – AA League Mississippi Braves Manager (6/4/07): Quite possibly the most bizarre tirade ever seen in a minor league baseball game. This guy goes on for nearly five minutes in full-on Vietnam flashback mode before leaving through the right field exit and flipping off the entire crowd.

Bob Knight – Indiana Hoosiers Coach (2/23/1985): One of the most successful, yet craziest coaches in collegiate basketball history loses it after his team is tagged for six fouls in five minutes.

Buddy Ryan – Houston Oilers Defensive Coordinator (1/2/94): It’s okay to disagree with your colleagues on coaching and play calling philosophy. It’s probably not alright to try to break their face over it.

Robbie Ftorek – New Jersey Devils Coach (4/3/07): Yet another adverse reaction to poor penalty calling by the NHL refs. This isn’t necessarily the classiest way to disagree with someone.

Marty Raymond – ECHL Bakersfield Condors (2/24/08): Some coaches throw chairs, clipboards and hats. Other coaches throw literally everything within reach.

Lou Piniella – Chicago Cubs Manager (6/2/07): The famously temperamental, intense MLB manager unloads on the third base umpire after a bad call, kicking dirt, throwing his hat, and getting himself tossed right out of the game. The Chicago faithful cheer, yell, and begin throwing their hats onto the field in support.

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