Environmentally Beneficial Truths About Marijuana

So your adoration for Miss Jane has strengthened over the years, yet you feel like since this plant is still undoubtedly criticized and misunderstood in modern society, there must be SOMETHING that is really horrible about weed…  Guess again, soldier.  Your very actions and considerable rebellion against these ridiculous, prohibitive laws are the foundation for the impending revelation about this potential, Earth-saving, alternative resource.

"Don't touch me"

Let’s start off with one major environmental issue that is significantly harming the future of the planet, probably occurring somewhere as you’re reading this right now.  Deforestation across the globe is severely contributing to the demise of environmental stability on Earth.  The benefits and protection that various areas around the world would receive from the towering trees are now minimal and decreasing every passing day as more trees are extracted to supply for the ludicrous demand from the timber industry.

So, what does marijuana have to do with these issues?  Well, I’d be highly delighted to share such information with you!

"Sorry, we don't get you high very much, but we're still cool!"

Technically speaking, marijuana does not have anything to do with this.  The other form of the cannabis plant, called hemp, is in fact the savior in this situation (‘Marijuana’ is grown primarily to produce high levels of THC within the plant, which is what gets you stoned, while ‘Hemp’ is grown to produce the max levels of fiber, seeds, and oils).

The U.S. Constitution was drafted on hemp paper.

These fibers that the hemp plant produce have been noted to be more versatile and stronger than other fibers such as cotton and, in some cases, wood.  The fibers are able to be used in producing numerous products.  Topping this list as probably one of the most important products is none other than paper!  Wow, so there’s another resource that can produce one of the most used (and abused) products in the world and still reap the benefits of having a cleaner environment with the necessary abundance of trees everywhere?  We can actually stop cutting down lifeforms that have occupied this planet long before any of us alive today stepped foot on it?  Oh my God, it’s brilliant!

"We're the healthiest seeds you can eat!"

Now we know what the cannabis plant can really provide for us as a resource: pure, unadulterated entertainment in it’s ‘marijuana’ form (Still facing legality issues, but I’m sure they’ll all learn soon.  We stoners are ahead of the game.  Don’t let the man keep you down!); alternative production for a myriad of products from it’s ‘hemp’ form such as paper, rope, and oil; and as food for consumption (Hemp seeds are an unmatched source for protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, in other words: this shit really is good for you!).

With all this knowledge of what is honestly perceivable as a miraculous plant and an incomparable resource, quit wasting your time and make a difference for the Earth by fighting for the cause (in whichever way you can, i.e. toke it up and change the social acceptance of this crop) like these nice people.

NOTE: Information about hemp was acquired from here where additional (and quite intriguing) info can also be found (Like how George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp!).

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