The 10 Greatest NBA Players without a Championship

There is only one true objective in any sport: win a championship. Outplay and outwork everyone else to get to the pinnacle of all achievements in the world. Basically you just want to prove your masculinity and willpower over everyone else and show just how much better you are than everyone else by winning a championship. It’s been man’s calling since the dawn of time and millions of years later we are still competing. Maybe not for who can get the largest mammoth kill as our ancestors did, but sports, which is just about the same.
The NBA has been around for over 50 years now and we have been lucky to experience some of the greatest athletes that were absurdly tall for anyone’s good or could jump higher than your car. From George Mikan to LeBron James, we have seen premiere players come through this league. But once in a while a superstar comes along and never reaches that plateau that he has strived years for.
They’ve had great careers, but what’s the point when players such as Adam Morrison and Jud Buechler have championship rings to show off and you don’t.


Adam doing his part by staying out of Kobe's way

Let’s get this show on the road, shall we. We now bring you the ten greatest NBA players to not have a championship.

10. Jason Kidd

Besides having accolades as having a son who resembles himself way too much, Kidd has racked up ten all-star appearances, five all-NBA first team spots and, four all-NBA defensive teams, two Gold Medals, and finishing second in MVP voting in 2001, but has yet to win a championship.

A career that started in 1994 with the Dallas Mavericks, Kidd has been the premiere point guard in the league for years. Jason has been known to rack up triple-doubles more times than any other player can because of his ability to score, rebound, and pass at any given moment.

Kidd has two finals appearance with the New Jersey Nets back in the early 00’s and has a NBA finals record of 2-8. Kidd’s career is still progressing as a member of the Mavericks once again, but it is unlikely he will see a championship.

But man that kid’s eyebrows freak me out.

9. Shawn Kemp

Remember when basketball inhabited Seattle? If there’s one thing about basketball in Seattle that anybody found relevant, it was Shawn Kemp because of the guy was a monster on the court and how he doubled the population of a metropolitan city.

Kemp was a six-time all-star with the Sonics and always brought the team deep into the postseason and if not for some asshole by the name of Michael Jordan, he, along with many others, probably could have that championship.

As “The Reign Man’s” weight ballooned and Seattle continued to become overcrowded by the day, he was released and jumped from team to team before finally ending up in Europe and playing with some team in Italy before he could ever get his deserved championship.

Shawn only made one championship in his career, a loss to the Chicago Bulls, but his legacy will live on in basketball and in the homes of many Seattle women.


8. George Gervin

Don’t know who George Gervin is? Then get the hell out of my article. No seriously stay, but seriously you don’t know who George Gervin is?

You young fellas probably don’t know about the “Iceman” because he was prominent in the 1970’s when times were simpler and everyone enjoyed a form of music known as “disco”. Gervin was a 12 time all-star if you include his ABA days, the 1980 MVP, the honor of joining the 50 greatest players of all time list, and having his #44 retired by the Spurs.

Despite all the fancy awards and such, Gervin never won a championship. In fact, he never even made it into the finals. A player of high-caliber like Gervin who won scoring title after scoring title never even made it into an NBA championship.

That’s like Allen Iverson never making or winning a championship. Oh wait….


7. Allen Iverson


Allen Iverson knows a lot about practice, it’s just a damn shame he doesn’t know much about winning championships.

Since his inception in the league in 1996 as the number one overall pick, Iverson has become one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history. Iverson won rookie of the year, the 2001 MVP, four scoring titles, made 11 all-star games and was MVP of two of them, and made three all-NBA first teams.

That’s an awful lot, but I bet he’d trade all of that away for a ring. He was able to make it to one championship in 2001, but lost in five games to the LA Lakers. You can’t really blame the guy when his number two player is Eric Snow. Don’t know who Eric Snow is? That’s exactly how bad that Philadelphia 76ers team was.

Iverson has jumped from team to team over the past few seasons and hasn’t been near a championship since his run in ’01 as his career dwindles. Maybe some more practice is needed.

6. Pete Maravich

You know you're doing it big when the name on your jersey is a gun.


Going back in time in this article again to the 1970’s where a man named Pete Maravich was running a train in college and the NBA. Maravich was a five time all-star, two-time member of the all-NBA team, and a current member of the 50 greatest players of all time.

But he’s on this list because he never won a championship and like I said before, those fancy awards are nice and such, but I bet “Pistol” would trade away a few of those all-star game appearances for a ring.

In college, Maravich averaged a ridiculous 44 points per game over three years without the three-point line. Researchers have found out that if there was an actual three-point line then Maravich would have averaged 57 points per game. Many teams in college today don’t average 57 points per game.

At the age of 25, Maravich had told Pennsylvania reporter, Andy Nuzzo, “I don’t want to play 10 years in the NBA and then die of a heart attack at 40.”
Maravich died at 40 while playing a pick-up game.Yeah, I just shit myself too. Clean yourself up and get back to #5.
5. Steve Nash
One of the more hilarious players in the league(for the right reasons actually), Nash has had one of the better careers out of anyone on this list.
The Canadian born superstar has two MVP’s to his credit, seven all-star appearances, and has made three all-NBA first team’s. Despite all this, Nash has had one of the toughest career’s of any NBA player in the league now.
When he started in Phoenix, he was booed mercilessly because of his turnovers and was traded to Dallas where he would eventually become MVP caliber and was then sent back to Phoenix where the city performed unnatural act’s to Steve for forgiveness.
Nash won two consecutive MVP’s since Jordan did it many years ago(back in the ’90’s!), but has never made it to an NBA championship. At 35 though, Nash has seen a resurgence and still could lead his team to the finals that has eluded him for so long.
4. Reggie Miller


Oh how I loathed Reggie Miller. Growing up a huge Michael Jordan fan made me despise this guy and until I actually came to my senses and realized just how good Miller was at his craft, hated him and everything about him. The guy is arguably the greatest jump shooter in league history and was always leading the Indiana Pacers to late postseason runs.
Miller is a five time all-star and the all-time leader for three-point field goals converted, not to mention the guy was clutch and led a team that consisted of players like Rick Smits and Jalen Rose to the franchises first and only NBA finals appearance back in 2000. They would lose in five to (take a wild guess) the Los Angeles Lakers in five games.
Reggie’s shooting ability alone gets him on this list and his ability to come up huge in clutch situations is why the Pacer teams of the ’90’s and early ’00’s were so good. But for some reason, Reggie really hated the New York Knicks.
Poor Spike Lee.
3. Patrick Ewing

When Patrick Ewing wasn’t dunking on innocent Snickers consumers, he was beasting all over the NBA. Eleven all-stars games, a rookie of the year award, an all-NBA first team appearance, two Gold Medals, and a spot in the fifty greatest players of all time has Ewing immortalized as one damn good NBA player. It’s just too bad Michael Jordan was such a douchebag.


Your poster awaits, Patrick.

Ewing and the Knicks were huge in the 1990’s and were always a constant threat for an NBA finals appearance. They flirted with it every year and finally made it in the lockout shortened season of 1999. They made a huge run as an eight seed before finally falling to the Spurs in a four game sweep.
Ewing would never even creep near the finals again as he was traded two years later to Seattle and then to Orlando where he ended his career. Patrick’s successful career was overshadowed by the fact that he never won an NBA championship, but honestly back in the 1990’s it was hard for anyone to even make it as far as a championship because of the Chicago Bulls juggernaut that won six of the championships in the 1990’s.
You can accredit many of the players on this list thanks to MJ and his team of Superfriends. In fact, here’s some now!
2. Charles Barkley
Before Charles Barkley was a hilarious, obese commentator for TNT. Charles Barkley was a hilarious, overweight basketball player in the NBA.
Believe it or not, Barkley was good…damn good actually.
In a career that spanned 16 years, Barkley won an MVP, made 11 all-star games, five all-NBA first teams, and a nod to the 50 greatest players of all time.
Barkley won his MVP in 1993 which was the same year he made his lone NBA championship. The Phoenix Suns team he was on won an NBA best 62 games and was destined for a championship until guess who shows up to crash the party.
Michael. Freaking. Jordan. The Suns lost in six games to the Bulls who won their third consecutive championship and Barkley was quite frustrated as expected. He’d never make it again and he is now singing about Taco Bell.
1.(a)Karl Malone and (b) John Stockton.

John, I swear if we lose to MJ again, I'm still never going to talk to my kids.

They had to be on this list together. They went through thick and thin. They’ve been together for the good times and the bad times, but mostly the bad times.

Malone is a two-time MVP winner, 13 time all-star, 11 time all-NBA first team member, three-time all-NBA defensive first team member, two time Gold Medal winner, and a member of the 50 greatest players of all time. Stockton is a ten time all-star, two time member of the all-NBA first team, and winner of two Gold Medals.

Notice anything missing. This Batman and Robin combination did just about everything besides win a championship and they’ve had ample opportunities to do it too. If it all wasn’t for Michael bleeping Jordan, then they’d easily have at least one to their name. They made two consecutive NBA finals and both times met the Chicago Bulls with both results the same: two finals losses in six games.

But hey, Michael Jordan isn’t immortalized on Crank Yankers.

There are many great players out there and sometimes a superstar will have to sacrifice one for the league and not finish his career with a championship. There are players even now that are destined for greatness, but have yet to win a championship.

Maybe someday, LeBron. Maybe someday.

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