How to Throw an Awesome BBQ


The snow has melted, the temperatures are rising, and bikinis are starting to pop up everywhere (thank God). All that can only mean one thing — the season of the BBQ has begun!

As men we are hardwired to do some things, one of them is  being able to cook dead animals over an open fire. However, there is a right and a wrong way to do it. Screw it up and you will lose your man-card faster than if you admitted to looking forward to the next Sex and the City movie.
Unless you want to be known as that guy, check out our list on how to throw an awesome BBQ.

1. You have to plan ahead. There is nothing worse than a host that is never there because he is always ducking out to run to the store and pick up somethingup.

2. Err on the side of caution and have more than enough of everything. You can’t host the party if you are not there.

3. The beer. People would rather you have more than enough okay beer, than for you to run out of good beer. Stick with the domestics and you will be fine; just be sure you have enough to get everyone sloppy drunk. Make sure you have enough coolers to ice them all down or enough space in your refrigerator. Warm beer sucks.
4. Make sure you have your food straight. Munchies are a necessity; pretzels, dip and chips, and just about anything you can dip in ranch dressing. Make sure to have more than enough of whatever meat you are serving (nothing sucks more at a BBQ than having to fill up on snacks because you could only have one hot dog). Don’t forget to have enough buns and condiments either!

5. If you want to impress your boys, go the extra mile with your meat. Prep your meat ahead of time. If you are throwing down with some steaks or chicken breasts, marinade those bad boys for some extra flavor. If you are doing some type of pork, i.e. ribs, use a rub to add and bring out the flavor of the meat. Hotdogs you cannot really do much; some people will try to do something with burgers, but that can really backfire on you too.
6. Your grill needs to be in top shape. You don’t need to spit shine that bad boy, but your grill is representative of you. Having a nasty grill is like saying you enjoy picking up fat chicks sober! Be sure you have more than enough fuel as well.
7. Finally there is the entertainment. Without anything to do folks will eat your food, drink your beer, and go home. Music is a must. Having no tunes at a BBQ is like telling a stripper to just take her shirt off — where is the fun in that? Ask around and you will probably know someone who has their own Cornhole game or a beer pong table. It looks pretty simple, but as people start drinking more it can get hilarious. Horseshoes are another good BBQ game; just be careful when the drunk guy starts trying trick shots.
If you really want your BBQ to be a hit be sure and invite a few ‘party’ girls too; you know the type that come in short shorts and a crop top looking to have a ‘good’ time. You can run out of beer, burn the food, and charge people a cover, but if there’s a naked chick…


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