Crack Open Spring with 5 Seasonal Beers

Spring is finally here, and along with it comes boatloads of new, delicious beer. Some brewed with fruit and others with spice. These are great to get you in the mood for barbecues, sunny afternoons, and the upcoming summer season. The changing season brings a lot more than warmer weather and the opportunity to whip out the mandals. It also gives us seasonal beer with their own character of ales and lagers. Some are brewed once a year, while others might only be released once in a lifetime. So even if it’s still a little chilly outside, crack open a refreshing springtime brew. It’s sure to lighten spirits, cleanse the palate, and get you pumped for summer.

Dogfish Head Aprihop IPA – One of the better seasonal brews from the masterminds at Dogfish Head in Delaware. A sweet, but not overpowering apricot flavor combined with a slightly bitter hop taste and aroma makes this an awesome choice for an afternoon brew. Be careful though, as these will go down as quick as a Blue Moon, but with a much stronger 7% ABV.

Victory St. Victorious Doppelbock – This is a great American version of the popular German-styled lager with a pronounced maltiness, deep flavor, and strong 8.5% ABV. This is a bit more complex for a casual drinker, but the fresh, interesting taste will reward those bold enough to give it a try.

Samuel Adams Noble Pils – For a major world-wide brewing company, Sam Adams can still make a decent seasonal release. Taking the place of the once popular White Ale, Noble Pils has a light, wheat taste with a distinct hop finish that’s still light enough for nearly everyone to enjoy. If you miss the White Ale or enjoy pilsners with actual quality, definitely pick this one up.

Oskar Blues GUBNA Imperial IPA – This brew might be in the same type of can you find Natty Light in, but don’t let the guys at Oskar Blues fool you. Their spring Imperial IPA packs a punch with 10% ABV and an insane 100 IBUs. Expect a delicious citrus flavor with huge hop crunch and a clean finish, ideal for the season.

Stone Imperial Russian Stout – Even though a big Russian stout like this isn’t the usual fare for spring, Stone Brewing Company in San Diego, California never ceases to amaze people. The dark, roasted, yet smooth taste with a potent 10.5% ABV lying in wait will have you toastier than those forgotten hamburgers you left on the grill.

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