The 10 Best Moments in “South Park” History


Weird, wacky, outlandish and always pushing the envelope.  Those are just a few of the words to best describe, Stan, Kyle, Butters, Kenny, Cartman and all the other assorted denizens of “South Park”.  Every week when I tune in, I always think they just totally crossed a line and they’ll never get away with something like that again.  Then sure enough the very next week I watch with my jaw hanging open and they’ve done it again! 

Now in honor of  this ground breaking, can’t miss show, here are what I believe are 10 of the best moments in “South Park” history. See if any of your favorites made the list.

Cartman Gets Anal Probed

The episode that started it all. I still remember the first time I watched it I laughed so hard I nearly puked!

Tom’s Rhinoplasty

Mr. Garrison takes a leave of absence to get a nosejob.  Unfortunately when the bandages come off, he looks exactly like David Hasselhoff. Meanwhile back at school, the boys try their hardest to become lesbians.

Stupid Spoiled Whore Playset

All the fourth grade girls idolize a certain rich, famous and spoiled socialite (hint:  her initials are PH).  Meanwhile Mr. Slave battles this socialite in a no holds barred Whore Off that’s got to be seen to be believed.

A Million Little Fibers

Towelie gets over his drug addiction and writes a moving book about his experiences. Thanks to Oprah’s support, the book becomes a best seller and his story inspires millions to turn their lives around. However, when he’s caught in a lie by the grand dame of daytime television, Towelie’s old habits start to look mighty appealing. Then of course, Towelie must contend with the gun that Oprah’s hiding in her um, lady parts.

Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo

Kyle Broflovski may not have Santa, but he’ll always have Mr. Hankey.

Butters’ Bottom Bitch

Butters a pimp?!…it all starts with  Butters’ innocent  quest to get his very first kiss.  (You know what I am saying?)

Dead Celebrities

It’s the 2009 summer of celebrity death and Ike is being tormented by paranormal forces. Kyle brings in professional ghost hunters to help save his little brother and help move Michael Jackson on his heavenly way.

Trapped in the Closet

When Stan is identified as the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard, Scientologists converge on his front lawn and ask him to lead them. When he then criticizes the acting skills of a certain Hollywood actor and Scientology follower, the actor locks himself in Stan’s closet and refuses to come out (“come out” in uh, more ways then one.)

Up the Down Steroid

Jimmy is in training for an upcoming sporting event and he’s determined to win at any cost. Meanwhile Cartman feels he can easily take first place against Jimmy. He just has to convince the qualifying committee he’s handicapped.

Erection Day

All the kids are getting ready for the big South Park Elementary Talent Show and Jimmy can’t wait to perform his new comedy routines. But lately, just like generations of  little boys before him, Jimmy’s noticed that one of his body parts has a mind of its own. Knowing he can’t get up in front of the entire school in an excited state, Jimmy must find a way to gain control of his raging hormones in time to perform in the show.

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