Get Bright, White Teeth at Home

So you don’t have the charm, the build, or even the hair that really makes a man stand out to a woman. Don’t worry, most guys don’t fit the mold of a Clooney, Smith, or Pitt. There is, however, a way to catch the glance of a pretty woman without being an international sex symbol — and that’s with a smile that pops. Don’t let years of abuse (stains acquired from tobacco or certain foods and drink) stop you from turning those yellowing teeth into pearly whites.

There are two options for teeth whitening: surface whiteners and bleaching. Surface whiteners are any toothpaste or gum that removes surface stains (these products contain baking soda or a weak peroxide), but that is all these products do. Bleaching removes surface stains while also altering the teeth’s color.  I went looking for a quick way to whiten my teeth and of course, found out that the Crest Whitening strips are one of the most popular option. I set out to see if they were worth the hype.

Crest Whitening Strips: Seven Day Trial

Day 1: The taste of the strips was horrible. The recommended wait time of 20-30 minutes gave me an opportunity to enjoy the morning’s Sports Center. I didn’t notice a change with the first use.

Day 2: I was excited to see some results, but after another 30 minutes, I was disappointed when there weren’t any.

Day 3: After my third set of strips, I noticed a bit of a difference, my two front teeth had become a bit whiter.

Day 4: I continued drinking coffee during the test, trying not to alter my daily routine. Having said that, there was some more ground won after the fourth use.

Day 5: No difference.

Day 6: No difference.

Day 7: After my last application I noticed my teeth had changed from an off-white, to an egg-shell white (meaning very little change).

Conclusion: They worked, but barely. Definitely think that you have to use them for more than 7 days.

Want to see immediate change at a low cost? Check out these home remedies which are so weird, they might just work.

Strawberries: Apply mashed strawberries to your teeth with your toothbrush and brush lightly for several minutes. Rinse your mouth out (and floss to remove seeds) and wait another 20 minutes before brushing with regular toothpaste. It is imperative to brush your teeth after with proper toothpaste to get rid of any remaining acid left by the berries that could harm your enamel. I tried adding a little bit of baking soda to the mashed strawberries and my teeth felt a lot cleaner.

Olive Oil: This was probably the weirdest thing I read, but the results are actually there. Get a white wash cloth, pour a table-spoon portion of extra virgin olive oil on to it and scrub your teeth for several minutes, rinse with water afterwards.

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