9 Alternative Uses for the iPad (You Probably Haven’t Thought Of)

So I don’t know if anyone’s heard, but Apple recently introduced a new tablet computer called the iPad.  The pre-orders were off the charts which means tons of people are now sitting at home playing with their oversized iTouches. Odds are that they’re already bored with the digital book reading and game playing and internet surfing. Well luckily for them, COED has come up with 9 alternative uses for the iPad (which may or may not render it completely useless).

A little more complex than your old steering wheel controller

1. Peripheral Gaming: Everyone is talking about the amazing possibilities of gaming on the iPad. I’m sure Plants Vs. Zombies has already gone gangbusters (whatever that means.) But one thing that is very possible and overlooked by a large number of people is how the iPad can and will be used as an aide to computer (and possibly even console games) as a peripheral device. You will be able to get apps specially made to work with certain games that will let you run the iPad (and use it as a controller) while playing these game. The concentration will be on RTS and RPG style games, like Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and whatever else you may be playing in those styles. You would probably be controlling normally with the computer or other controller, and the iPad would function as something of an accessory for building, units, or other secondary controls for RTS’s. For RPG’s it would function mostly as a skill set/inventory/other side page screen where you could control and change things much faster than normal.

Typing is reportedly much better than expected

2. The “Creative Commons”: People are quickly discovering how easy and fun it is to type and draw on the iPad. This device is going to be insanely useful for the creative individuals around the world. Depending on how powerful the guts of the iPads are, and how well developers make apps for it, the iPad could quickly become the cornerstone of the creative industries (all of them). Text and Photo editing are more or less built-in apps that are simple and powerful enough to lead to amazing things. With a little bit of a power increase, film and audio editing could at least be possible in their simpler forms. That plus the extra portable design of the iPad, and the multiple uses of the device, makes the iPad perfect for anyone creating anything.

Not anymore there isn't!

3. The Cure for Idiocy: Never look like an idiot again! Don’t know the capital of Turkey but need to know it ASAP for discussion purposes. Well pull out the iPad and google away. Pull up a map and you can even show people how un-wrong you are. Not sure which way is north or where you actually are? Just open up maps, and see for yourself before you have to tell anyone that you are lost. Don’t want people to know you are cheating your way through life? Hide your iPad in a newspaper or get a stylish case and pretend it is your journal where you are chronicling your adventures.

Sadly, those files are going to stay just as unorganized even with the iPad

4. The Organizer: Life is full of stuff to keep track of, contacts, passwords, mail, music, notes, videos, bookmarked sites, I could go on for a while (but I’ll save it for my next blog). This stuff is way too hard to keep organized. Imagine if you will, an app on the iPad that collects your contacts, music, photos, and so on.  You could easily organize everything that you need organized in a fast, efficient, and even somewhat fun way.

Same app, WAY better uses!

5. The Uber Flashlight: Everyone knows the flashlight app for the iPod/iPhone, it’s a blank white (or other solid color) screen that one can use to light up a dark room or area. And it’s useful for those quick moments in the darkness of the night, but what about when you need a LOT of light. The flashlight app for the iPad will be good for shedding a little light on a dark area or to turn night into day.

All your favorite magazines and more will/are available on the iPad (most for less than a regular subscription.)

6. A True Paperless Society: We were supposed to be entering a paperless society with the advances of the internet at the start of the 21st century. That obviously did not quite happen. I’m going as far as to assume that you printed out this blog. Paper consumption is still a very large concern, as well as a terrible mess. With the iPad, you will be able to have all you newspapers, magazines, files, newsletters imported to your iPad rather than showing up in your mail or on your doorstep. And you’ll easily be able to carry it all with you. Not only would you be saving the planet, your subscriptions/costs would likely go down as well, and you would always have those back issues with you.

Makes 4 calls at once! ...?

7. A Really Big iPhone: The iPad has all the functionality of the iPhone, including, through the magic of the internet, the ability to make phone calls. Apps like TruPhone, and Skype will make it possible to make “phone” calls over the internet to anyone. Laugh at the thought of holding the iPad up to your head all you want. But thank me when you realize how much fun it is to turn the iPhone into the biggest speakerphone ever.

Just look at how useful it is for this guys job.

8. The “Infinity” Gadget (for Work): All industries will be able to improve with the iPad. Mechanics, construction workers, accountants, and even strippers. Most job industries require lots of information to be carried around, known or shown, and the iPad can make all of that simpler and lighter. Construction workers would be able to carry their blueprints, checklists, work information, and schedule on the iPad and check it all instantly and easily. Accountants, although probably not going to do any actual number crunching on it, would be able to have all of their number sheets up on it. The “super” utility of the iPad will prove useful in everything from making your work life easier to hammering in a stubborn nail. After all, at only $800 a pop, why not buy an extra and use it as a hammer.

9. A Cutting Board: Now I can’t take credit for coming up with this one, but I will take full credit for copying and pasting the idea.  Stephen Colbert was the first to envision this device’s lovely vegetable cutting abilities on his TV show, The Colbert Report.  It’s a good, portable size for moving to and from pots and pans with loads of freshly sliced veggies, with a full non-stick (probably) glass surface. Also, how else are you going to show people how unendingly wealthy you are than to have an $800 cutting board with a $30 a month 3G plan. And luckily enough for you and your vegetables, the glass screen is mostly scratch resistant, which is more than can be said for most actual cutting boards.

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