Can Your Orgasms Land You in the Hospital?


In an ideal world, couples could have endless hours of mind-blowing, orgasm-filled sex. But in the real world, this kind of endless sex romp can lead to a very frightening medical emergency. A sexually adventurous and ambitious couple, Amber and Sean, experienced this lesson firsthand. In an attempt to reach 10 orgasms in one night, they learned exactly what they their bodies were capable of achieving.

Orgasm 1: Amber had come home from a hard day at work. Her boyfriend Sean was waiting at home for her. Already feeling aroused, she makes the first move. By the next move they were on the bed and having orgasm 1.

Orgasm 2: Sean introduces a back massage, which ends up sensual. It leads into another round and orgasm number two.

Orgasm 3: Amber was sweating from the action, but Sean was doing quite okay. They were about to go to sleep when Amber had what she called “an instant reaction,” it caused her to open her eyes and turn to Sean… which lead her to her third orgasm in 10 minutes.

Orgasm 4-6: “This has to be the last, I can hardly move!” Amber cried as she lay in Sean’s arms. Both were covered in sweat and Amber mentioned a tingling in her legs, as well as some pain in her vaginal area. Sean apologized for the pain and promised to make it better, by proceeding to do things he knew turned her on. Amber resisted at first, but once the neck biting and hair pulls commenced, she was back on top for another round. Amber had an amazing triple orgasm during this 25 minute round, which brought her to number six.

Orgasm 7: Amber was panting from the action as Sean lay covered in sweat. “My legs are impossible to move right now,” Amber thought as she attempted to use the bathroom. She got up and fell to the floor. Sean laughed and came down to comfort her . Before they knew it, they reached orgasm 7.

Orgasm 8: Amber felt a more painful strained feeling in her legs and her breath was starting to get short. She had wanted to go to bed, but Sean really wanted to get to number ten. He was exhausted, but willing to go all the way. Despite her feelings, she went ahead and hit number eight.

Orgasm 9-10: Amber and Sean were struggling, mixing a whole lot of pleasure and pain together. But they were determined to get to lucky number 10.  As they continued, Amber’s pain worsened and soon she could no longer feel her legs. But she quickly  hit number nine. About 20 minutes in, just as Amber felt like she was going to pass out, she hit number 10. Then she passed out.

Amber woke up sometime later covered in sheets with a glass of water by her side. Sean was with her, waiting for her to regain consciousness as well as feeling in her body. Amber couldn’t move her legs and they were scared they would have to go to the hospital and try to explain this story. Their fear was lifted when Amber said she could feel her toes wiggling. They both giggled, and as soon as Sean laid down next to her they fell asleep.

Although Amber healed pretty quickly, not everyone is so lucky. For some women, their clitoris and nipples are very sensitive after climax, making additional stimulation initially painful.

So the big question is, can you orgasm yourself into the emergency room? The answer is no, unless you experience a heart attack or cardiac arrest in the middle of it. But those odds are like 1 in a million, so don’t sweat it!

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