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Girl Talk: My Lesbian Fantasies


I have a secret. Don’t tell anyone, k? Sometimes, when no one is around, I go on COED for more than just the articles. It just happens; my finger somehow slips to the ‘Girls’ section and I find myself clicking. Suddenly, I become enthralled and excited, my eyes poring over the pictures of beautiful, glamorous half-naked women. I get a thrill out of admiring the sleek, sexy bodies of these amazing models. I can’t help it, and I bet I’m not the only girl either.

My girl crushes don’t just stop at COED though. Models, singers, actresses…there are always some that give me tingles, the kind of tingles that make me feel guilty and sort of naughty. I love sexy women and there are a great number of them who turn me on and really get me in the mood. But there are a particular group of sexy celebs who I can honestly say that I would go gay for. There are only a few, but if I ever do happen to run into any of these sexy divas, my boyfriend better start getting seriously worried!

1) Megan Fox

Come on, is there any breathing creature on earth that would turn down sex from her? Man, woman, I don’t care – her hotness simply crosses all boundaries of sexuality. Not only is she crazy beautiful with gorgeous hair, perfect skin and an amazing body, but Megan Fox gives off this aloof, badass vibe that triples her appeal. The truth is that I have no idea what happened in Transformers because I spent the whole time fantasizing about how it would feel to make out with Megan Fox – and yes, I was at the cinema with my boyfriend.

2) Jessica Alba

Into the Blue anyone? My point exactly. Any girl that doesn’t need to brush her hair to make me stare at her in awe for two hours straight is lesbian fantasy material. Miss Alba was my original girl crush, first feeding my fantasies of sweet dancer girl in Honey and bringing it further with every movie she’s made since. Of course, all girl crushes are accompanied with a desperate jealousy and rampant hatred for the girl in question, so while I am insanely attracted to Jessica, I also have a vague urge to punch her. How can she be so perfect???

3) Cheryl Cole

One of the most successful and desired women in Britain at the moment, Cheryl Cole is the girl that every girl wants to be. She was voted FHM magazine’s sexiest woman of the year in 2009, but I’ve been girl-crushing on Cheryl since 2002 when she shot to fame with reality TV girlband Girl’s Aloud. She’s not just pretty and she’s not just sexy: she’s funny and down-to-earth too. So not only do I have a major girl-crush on her, but I’d also give my left arm to have her as a friend. And again, I really really want to be her. So yes, I want Cheryl Cole. Just like everyone else in the world wants Cheryl Cole.

4) Kendra Wilkinson

I can see why guys love Kendra so much – she’s wild, funny and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her. Oh, and she’s a former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, which is enough to gain any guy’s admiration. But – and this sounds kind of weird – Playboy girls wouldn’t usually be my type. They’re all very beautiful and sometimes I feel a pang of jealousy when I look at them, but I’m never so in awe of them that I worry about my sexuality. Except with Kendra. The only Girl Next Door with a real personality – and now she’s family-ing it up with the gorgeous Hank Baskett. I would go gay for Kendra in a heartbeat if she’d have me –this girl just has everything.

5) Kaya Scodelario

Last, but definitely not least in my eyes is Kaya Scodelario, the British 18-year-old who scares us into falling in love with her. Playing the part of ‘Effy’ in wild teenage drama Skins, Kaya has had a hold on me since day one. It’s not that I find her incredibly sexy, there’s just something about her that entices me and probably millions of guys all over Britain. She’s a bad girl to the extreme: drugs, drinking, promiscuous sex life. She’s also incredibly mysterious, her character is silent the majority of the time just to grab our attention. Kaya is the kind of girl I know I shouldn’t want – and that just makes me want her even more.

It’s kind of embarrassing to think how many girls turn me on – I hope you guys don’t think it’s a problem? I guess once you have a big sexual appetite it just doesn’t stop with one sex! I bet all girls are the same really, they just won’t admit it. I mean, look at my list – is there anyone there you would be able to resist having sex with? Didn’t think so.

So now you know. Just promise you’ll keep my secret ;)

  • COED Writer