5 Weirdest Old School Workout Videos

Tonight is UFC 112, and boy do you have to be in great shape to fight in the Octagon.¬† It started me thinking, throughout the ages men and women have worked to perfect their bodies. Whether it be toning through exercise or lengthening the neck with neck rings, humans are willing to do some extreme things to alter their appearances. Workout videos are an illustration of the bizarre things we’ll do in the name of beauty. With swimsuit season just around the corner, people across the country are especially keen on perfecting their physique.¬†Whether they’re hitting the gym or the diet pills, these beach bums physical regimens have nothing on these awesomely strange workout videos.

For added humor, imagine your favorite UFC fighter doing any of these workouts.

1. Jazzercise – A 1980s classic. How could you resist the chic unitards and hot aerobic action? Get fit and learn some sweet dance moves at the same time.

2. Bertil Uggla – Athlete. Author. Pajama enthusiast?

3. Sit and Dance – An exercise designed for the elderly and other people who are chair-bound: nice. Decorating the set with beach balls, palm trees, and surf boards: cool. A Hawaiian dance that consists primarily of people marching in place: what the hula?

4. Scott Cole’s Get Fit America for Kids – I’ve always thought that children should have an instructional video that shows them how to wiggle, hit themselves, and strike intimidating poses. Thank goodness Scott Cole is teaching American youths these valuable skills. (This looks like more fun than kids should be allowed to have).

5. Japanese Exercise/English Lesson – A peppy lesson in exercise and what to say to those who attack you. Truly uplifting.

Runner-Up: Apparently your face needs exercise, too. (Warning: contains some frightening material)

And of course Honorable Mention to Everybody’s Favorite Deal a Mealer –

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