Girl Talk: Help Me Today, I’ll Sex You Up Tonight.

Okay guys in relationships a certain level of compromise is expected, especially when it comes to cleaning up, intimacy, and running errands. Every year countless books and films within our culture center on the topic of relationship improvement. Yet you college men view the treatment of women differently, than post grads. But not all is lost. In fact, when you take a deeper look, you will see that all of these experiences are interrelated. Even better is that if you play your hand right, you will be able to barter for some bedroom action.

Cleaning Up

Now most people fall between the category of being a neat freak or a slob, like the Odd Couple. Whether you’re the trash man or dating Miss Piggy, there is a solution to finding a happy medium. When it’s time to spruce up your love shack do not sprint from your lady. Instead, make yourself sexy with a form fitting shirt and a hint of Hugo. Wait for her to relax. Then gently plant the seeds of your deal. Let her know how appreciative you will be after scrubbing the tub or completing the laundry. Use a phrase like “if I wash the sheet, come fluff me later.” Consequently, your place could get cleansed and dirty within hours, but it will be worth it.



Men and women both express intimacy in different ways. A woman can spend hours nestled comfortably in bed chatting about her hopes and wishes to her partner. While men may not say more than 7 sentences throughout the whole conversation and still feel as though they opened up. The lack of non-verbal communication can make us feel like you don’t care. Yet, things can change. Sharing your sensitive side just takes some encouragement and creativity. Instead of clamming up when your girl says how much she cares, try speaking her language, but with an accent. Take a deep breath and say “Let’s play strip poker. For every hand you win, I’ll toss it off and tell you a secret. The same goes for you. Deal?” The game will be revealing on many levels.


Running Errands

Finishing off those minor daily projects may require the assistance of another. If your belle doesn’t jump at the opportunity to help, try subtle enticements. Take her by the hand, gaze into her soul and say “Go grocery shopping today and I’ll give you some deep-dish tonight.” Now you can choose the cheesy line in which to woo your beloved, just make your plea with sincerity.

Relationships are about give and take, like tidying up in hopes of titillating touchdowns or shopping in exchange for a sexy scene. Whatever your goal for the moment, be sure you care for your significant other, before engaging in such bargaining. Sex shouldn’t have to be the end result of all bartering arrangements. But it can be a bonus to bonding within the boudoir.

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