5 UFC Fighters That Need To Change Class

Word on the street is that Randy Couture, after two bad beats to Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesnar and former Pride Champion Antonio Noguiera, is planning to drop down to the Light Heavyweight division and finish out his contract there.

This would be a great move for the long time veteran and will hopefully push these fighters to gain or shed a few pounds as well.

BJ Penn
At some point, a fighter is so good and his division so bad that it is just not that fun anymore. With Penn’s defeat over Kenny Florian, there is no one left for Penn to beat in the UFC’s struggling Light Heavyweight division.

Penn needs to move back to the Welterweight division where he will be challenged by better, bigger fighters and get a shot at revenge at Georges St. Pierre.


Rich Franklin
Franklin used to be someone till Anderson Silva and his ridiculous talent came to town and obliterated everyone in the Middleweight division.
Franklin seems to have given up on trying to get back to fighting Silva for yet a third time and has been fighting at 195-pounds. Ten more pounds and Franklin could be a legitimate contender for the Light Heavyweight championship.


Every Welterweight
Unlike the Light Heavyweight division that does not feature anyone particularly great outside of BJ Penn, the Welterweight division features stars like Matt Hughes, Jon Fitch, and Thiago Alves.

These are all great fighters but would be better off moving to Middleweight or dropping to Lightweight because they haven’t beat GSP yet and won’t do it. Ever.


Dan Henderson
Henderson has gotten somewhat lost in the Light Heavyweight division and keeps moving up and down in weight. The smartest thing for Henderson to do now is to drop down to the growingly weak Middleweight division and fight as a large 185-pounder rather than an average 205-pounder.

Henderson might be the only guy in that weight vicinity that could beat Anderson Silva.


Mirko Cro Cop
Cro Cop had one of the most disappointing crossovers to the UFC, largely because he decided to stay a Heavyweight. Fighting bigger and better fighters, Cro Cop was greatly outmatched.

At 220, dropping to 205 pounds wouldn’t be a tough cut for Cro Cop whose skill set would make for a pretty interesting fight against Light Heavyweight Champ Lyoto Machida.

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