Top Five MacGyver Tricks that Could Save Your Life!

Anyone who’s anyone knows of the legendary MacGyver, who could make something out of nothing in order to save his life. The show started in 1985, presenting the world with ways to escape from any situation (no matter what it was). Well here’s my top ten tricks MacGyver used that could save your life. Listen carefully kiddies!

FIVE: Acid and Chocolate

THE TRICK: MacGyver plugs a sulfuric acid leak with chocolate.

THE THEORY: This theory was tested by Myth Busters and proven correct! This acid reacts with the sugars in the chocolate to form a thick gummy substance, suitable for plugging a hole. Hell, I don’t really understand anything except that’s one hell of a cool trick!

Of course, what are the chances that you are stuck near a leaking sulfuric acid tank with nothing but a chocolate bar? Very slim, unless your MacGyver!

FOUR: Craps

THE TRICK: MacGyver rigs a pair of dice by filing some of the edges so that the chance of rolling

a ‘5’ increases. Okay, so not gonna save your life, but still sneaky!

THE THEORY: By filing down the edges, it makes it easier for the dice to continue to roll. This trick

is more discrete than loaded dice, but does involve you bringing your own dice (or nail file) to the table, which is the tricky part of this one!

THREE: Fire and ice

THE TRICK: MacGyver pours water in the crack of a large boulder and then uses a fire extinguisher to freeze the water, which splits the rock, causing it to fall onto the vehicle below, destroying it. Again, probably not that useful, unless you carry a fire extinguisher with you but good to remember next time your fighting those bad guys!

THE THEORY: If you’ve ever put a drink bottle in the freezer, you’ll realize that, when frozen, water expands. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon in nature especially in colder climates. Using a fire extinguisher to snap freeze the water, you can force open the crack in the rock, and let gravity do the rest!

TWO: The Potato and the car

THE TRICK: To stop the police following him, MacGyver blocks the exhaust pipe of their car with a potato, which stalls the engine. And I’m not responsible if you get arrested for this one!

THE THEORY: This theory is easy. Plug a hole and eventually, the build up of force in the engine causes it to stall, and the potato to go flying. I knew Mr Potato Head was more than just a toy!

ONE: The knife

THE TRICK: MacGyver uses his Swiss army knife, for everything. GET ONE. It will save your life. Or at least make you look cool.

THE THEORY: Swiss Army Knives contain all those handy things you might just need to save your life. Invest in a good quality one to save replacing it every time is breaks. Hell, if MacGyver owns one, it’s gotta be good!

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