Stoner V Stoner: Medical Marijuana Sparks Debate

Even when marijuana becomes legal for medical use, such the case in Colorado, rumblings can boil over into full-on verbal warfare over exactly “how” the business of buds should be conducted.

Recently the Wall Street Journal ran a piece that can probably best be described as ‘unusual.’ It appears that those normally considered pals in the war for legalizing pot have put down the proverbial bongs of unity and raised their smoke stained fists in furor.

Normally pro-weed advocates, ones who obviously succeeded in getting the green stuff into ‘safe’ territory for medical dispensing, are at odds over terminology, strains, and the atmosphere of licensed establishments in the Mile High City.  Once you look at the issue, there is likelihood for this fiery debate to erupt across the nation in both states that have legal use laws as well as the ones that are considering the laws.


To paraphrase, there are proponents of medical marijuana use that now feel at least some of the dispensaries in Colorado are, well to put it bluntly… a bit too shady.  Not in the ‘underworld’ sort of way; more along the lines of grungy head shop look and feel.

Also up for debate – the variations of marijuana being provided.  Intense, super-high strains labeled quite intentionally with names like Green Crack and Trainwreck are wreaking havoc in heated discussions over just how far outside ‘medical’ and how deep into ‘recreational’ dispensaries and farmers should go.

On the front lines of the battle stand Attorney Warren Edson and author Steve Bloom.  Interesting and legitimate points from each side, but read all about it and let us know your own opinion.

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