5 ½ Sure Fire Gambling Tips for the Final Four

So how many of you were angered beyond belief when Kentucky dropped out so early? How about when Kansas got beat? The 2010 edition of the tournament known for and referred to as Madness has been chock full of overtime wins, upsets, and insane finishes. I would be shocked if even the Butler faithful chose their Bulldogs to make it this far.

In a season full of bracket busters, many of you may be looking for ways to make back the money you lost with your bracket. If you are looking to try to win a little beer money on the Final Four, the research team at COED (a few trained monkeys that can type) has discovered a few things that may be of assistance in your time of need. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to drink your weight in hard alcohol when the games end on Saturday night.

The #5 Rule – While there will have to be a #5 seed in the Finals this year, neither one will win. A #5 seed has not won the NCAA Tournament dating back to 1979.

The Duke Rules Rule – In the years dating back to 1979, when there has been only one #1 seed playing in the Final Four that team goes on to win the Finals 50% of the time. West Virginia has a 25% chance of winning the Finals.

The Hometown Team Baby RuleButler will be playing in the Finals. Of the nine times where one of the Final Four teams was from the state hosting the semi-finals, that home team has gone on to play in the Finals eight times. They went onto win the Finals five times.

The Indy Underdog Rule – Indianapolis has played host to the NCAA championship game 5 times; a #1 seed has only won in Indianapolis one time.

The Losing Can be a Good Thing Rule – Since 1950, the national champion has had 4 losses 9 times (like Butler); 5 losses only 4 times (like Duke); 6 losses 4 times (like West Virginia); and 8 losses or more 5 times (like Michigan State).

Of course the only real sure-fire bet is not to gamble at all (that’s the 1/2). Then again, what could be more fun than making your buddy cover your bar tab when the night is done?

Good luck, and if anyone follows these rules and wins some money be sure and send me my cut (10% or a six-pack)!

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