10 Super Rides of the 2010 NY Auto Show

They’re sleek, they’re sexy, and they move faster than you could have ever fantasized. And no they won’t call you back after taking you for a wild ride. They’re the cars of the 2010 NY Auto Show and they’ve arrived in NYC to show off their incredible horse power, their awesome gadgets, and their 6-digit prices. COED got a sneak peak of the show and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the 10 Super Rides of the 2010 NY Auto Show.

10. Jaguar XJL Supersport.

Price: 115 000 $.

Engine: V8-510 Horse Power.

Features: Panoramic sunroof with blinds, xenon and LED headlamps, front and rear seats are heated and cooled, front seats with massage function, leather trim interior, electronic rear blinds, entertainment system for rear seat passengers, 5 exclusive of facings and 6 color combinations to choose from.

Fun Fact: Before the name Jaguar came to be, the company was making sidecars for motorcycles and was called “Swallow Sidecar company.” Because the name reminded many of the Nazi “S.S.” abbreviation, they changed it to Jaguar (huh?) In the 60s, they were one of the few first companies to exploit the people of India as cheap labor to make their cars more profitable. Irony these days is that they are owned by Indian car makers TATA… ouch

9. Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS.

Price: 125 000 $.

Engine: V8-440 Horse Power.

Features: Maximum speed 285 km / h. It comes with a dual-mode sports car, a unique weight distribution (a small bias towards rear) LED, fog, and Xenon headlamps and Alcantara interior with titanium and chromium features.

Fun Fact: Maserati is an independent company with a trident for logo. Along the years, they became properties of 3 local carmakers known as the Tridents of the Italian automotive industry:  Fiat, Ferrari and now Alfa Romeo. Talk about getting forked, they must have seen that one coming ( . . .and the girl in the picture is an option.)

8. Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet.

Price: 150 000 $.

Engine: V6-500 Horse Power.

Features: 7-speed gearbox, bi-xenon headlights, high-performance LED front indicators, brake ceramic alloys and carbon fiber (50% lighter than normal) and for this class of vehicle, low fuel consumption.

Fun Fact: They did not build cars but only engines and other spare parts in the 30s. With the 40s knocking, they were commissioned to build “A car for the people” for Volkswagen. They did and the result was the VW Beetle. Too bad they didn’t own that one, because it has been the most successful line of cars ever built and Porsche, who was initially designed it to give “Normal Citizens”  cars, elevated themselves to a point of excess where only a particularly fat wallet can afford. Talk about getting your head in the clouds.

7. Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Price: 245 000 $.

Engine: V12-563 Horse Power.

Features: Virtually silent operation of the engine even at high speeds, night vision system, authentic interior wood and hand-sewn leather upholstery. This car is made by individual order only.

Fun Fact: One of the first companies that went into the business of making armored cars and thought that after WW2, they would be a bit out of business. However, demand came from civilians who wanted ‘Great armored protection in a great looking car.” Before that, the Rolls Royce company was in the market for building the best and fastest vehicles. After that, they were building the best in luxury class and had to drop out of the speed race…at least for a while until they could conquered the skies becoming the manufacturer of the most wanted aircraft engines in the world.  Sheiks love this baby, they look suave in it and no R.P.G or Predator Drone can blow them away (Actually the Predator can) but the complaints still come in anyway.

6. Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG.

Price: 250 000 $.

Engine: V12-590 Horse Power.

Features: Stainless steel interior, chrome exhaust pipes, optional stand for a mobile phone interface with Bluetooth, high quality interior wood and leather, ventilated seats, night vision system, adjustable suspension and . . . the engine is” Assembled by hand” (How else would it be?)

Fun Fact: Ever wonder what the logo stands for: 1) Stars with three points (celestial bodies, natural phenomena, geographical maps -Stars, comets), 2) garlands, wreaths, bands, borders or frames made of plants (plants-decorations made of plants) and 3) Circular or elliptical seals (heraldry, flags, crowns, crosses, arrows, and symbols seals). No wonder Hitler liked driving in one (Mercedes built the ovens that murdered the Jews too.)  It was as confusing as his ego was.

5. Bentley Continental Supersports HYB.

Price: 275 000 $.

Engine: V12-621 Horse Power.

Features: The most powerful and fastest model ever produced by Bentley cars, the engine can run on either gasoline or on E85 bioethanol. The interior uses carbon fiber and hand-sewn leather. Maximum speed is of 200 miles per hour (319 km / h) and ita has a relatively low fuel consumption for its class – 16.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

Fun Fact: Bentley was a separate company that aimed to offer a cheap luxury class car with great speed, kind of Rolls Royce’s dream. It failed and under a cloak and dagger deal, Rolls Royce bought the company to sell their new acquisition as cheap clones. The idea was simple: can’t afford a Rolls, get a Bentley minus a few details. Now both companies are owned by German BMW and VW. And to think Rolls Royce bought the company to eliminate the competition and corner the market. Fact turns out that during the 70s and 80s, Bentley sales were so catastrophic that it was the reason both were taken over by the known Deutschland companies. Talk about revenge from the ex owner of the Bentley brands, he swore his company would get the better of Rolls someday. He was right!

4. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano HYB.

Price: 310 000 $.

Engine: V12-621 Horse Power.

Special features: Lining in the ceiling and floor mad out of Alcantara, 2 types of transmission (manual or particular automated manual), carbon-ceramic brakes, front bi-xenon headlamps and rear LED lights. Steering wheel, door panels, instrument panel and other interior parts are made of carbon fiber

Fun Fact: This model was an attempt by Ferrari to make a Ferrari under $100 000 – a feet unaccomplished in 2 decades!  FAIL –  the price tag is 3 times that. May be they should have made it in China or something.  meanwhile their $240,000 430 Modena Spider routinely is hoarded by dealers and sold “Over the Sticker” with premiums ranging from plus 40k to plus 200K (That’s ABOVE the MSRP – tell me about the recession again.)

3. Bentley Mulsanne.

Price: 350 000 $.

Engine: V8-505 Horse Power.

Features: Unique 20-inch wheels (optional – 21-inch), hand welding seams and panels together, elliptical LED rear lights, interior wood and stainless steel, 114 color options, satellite navigation, support for Bluetooth and stereo with 14 speakers .

Fun Fact: This is Volkswagen’s attempt at making the queen of England happy since they wish to present her one such model on her birthday in 2010. It won’t be the first time.   In the past, they gifted one to Her Royal Majesty, on a similar occasion, and the overall demand for the model soared. Seriously, may be it is high time they start kissing the bum of the future King of England instead.

2. Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe 2010.

Price: 445 000 $

Engine: V12-453 Horse Power.

Features: Dashboard yachts style, 21-inch rims, a palette of 44 thousand tones to blend with your color choices and the possibility of any embroidery on the headrests

Fun Fact: A German company is offering a smaller version at 445 $ if you can’t afford the real thing. On the other hand, you will be glad to note that Jay Leno has decided to buy one to celebrate his new status as “King of the Night” on NBC – will he return it now that he’s canceled? . Conan, Oprah and Letterman are still thinking about it. . .Leno is such a tool.

1. Maybach 62 STI.

Price: 450 000 $.

Features: Reflecting infra-red radiation tinted windows of laminated glass, bi-xenon headlights and fog, aid in closing the doors and trunk, the system of ambient lighting with dimmers, adjustable folding tables in the rear, sloping rear seats with footrests, support Bluetooth, navigation system, satellite radio, DVD, two video monitor.

Engine: V12-604 Horse Power.

Fun Fact: A car company that disappeared during WW2. They didn’t cease to exist but the company was devoted to making tanks and engines to spear head the Nazi effort. After the war, the company nearly vanished until Daimler bought it 20 years after in the 60s. Problem is; Daimler had plans to turn the company in a F1 venture but instead ended up as a rival for Rolls Royce. If ever you own one, don’t forget to watch  the instruction video for self repairs. This car is impressive with a long list of incorporated equipment but it still lacks one basic thing: a crapper.

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