Then & Now: 5 Hollywood Good Girls Gone Bad


When we first saw them they were cute little kids, the kind of kid you can’t help but like. Whether they were a playing a pair of red heads in a remake of a Disney classic, the daughter of the boss, a preacher’s kid, a Mouseketeer, or an outspoken high school student, we found something compelling about them that made us fall in love with them.

Lucky for us, they have grown up now, and we can’t help but watch and love them even more, except for totally different reasons now.

Lindsay Lohan

Disney fans will remember the original Parent Trap starring Hayley Mills. Remaking such a classic is difficult; the main character(s) has to be able to play two roles and make us fall in love with both of them. Young Lindsey Lohan was the perfect kid to take on the role in the 1998 version of the Parent Trap.

That cute little kid now personifies bad girl in more ways than one. Sexy as can be, the young star has made family friendly movies even though her life has been anything but family friendly. Whether it is too many nights partying, the drugs, alcohol, or any combination of the three, Lindsay Lohan makes being a bad girl easy- and we like it.


Alyssa Milano

She reigned as the boss’s kid on the hit show Who’s the Boss during the 1980s and 90s. She was cute; she was spunky; she was the all-American kid that the nation adored for eight seasons.

Boy, has she changed. That little kid has turned into the subject of fantasies everywhere. Her turn as Lily Leonetti in the 1996 film Poison Ivy II helped solidify her turn from cute kid next door to full-blown sex symbol. Most recently she was one of three hot witches in the CW series Charmed. Charmed we were.


Jessica Biel

For six seasons she was the preacher’s kid that every adolescent boy wanted on 7th Heaven. A rare wholesome show that was also entertaining, Jessica’s Mary Camden was the girl who all moms wanted their sons to date while in school.

Her image was so squeaky clean that she found herself getting passed up for some risqué movie roles. That all changed after leaving the show and starring in the remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Since, then she has starred in many better films and has continued to get hotter and hotter. Lucky for us she has no trouble showing off that gorgeous body of hers.


Britney Spears

Next to playing a preacher’s kid it does not get any cleaner than being a member of the Mickey Mouse Club. As a Mouseketeer, this young lady showed her talent and charmed fans everywhere during the sixth season of the remake along with fellow future pop stars Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.

Much like Lohan, Britney has personified the image of what we expect a bad girl to be. It did not take long for her to sex up her videos and strip down her outfits during performances; with a body like that there were not many complaints. Somehow after all the partying, getting married to K-Fed, a ridiculous reality show, giving birth, and going crazy she has managed to still have on slammin’ body.


Elizabeth Berkley

As feminist Jessie on the popular show Saved by the Bell, Elizabeth was the picture of what a strength in a young girl that makes mothers proud. Intelligent, pretty, conservatively dressed and outspoken she was the picture of under aged equality.

Like many young actresses, she took on a role that would rid her of her good girl image in a heartbeat. Showgirls sucked, but what guy will complain about a movie with so much nudity? Elizabeth was kind enough to strip down for most of the movie and even flirt with ultra-hot Gina Gershon. We’ll forgive her for getting freaky with Kyle MacLauchlan in the pool; can’t be mad at anyone that gets that into her work.

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