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How To Land Desperately Hot Babes


So you think you know women well, right? You think they are either easy or conservative. Well, most women are complicated and you need more than just a couple of usual lines to seduce them. Desperate Housewives is a fun satire of a show that revolves around the lives of 5 very different women you might want to take a look at. After all, they are hot, smart, versatile and they can go very angelic or wicked on you. Make sure you are up for it…

Type Susan

She is pretty, cute, hot and sweet. She is emotional, fun-loving and passionate. She may not be the wildest in bed, but no man has ever complained. She might seem naive, but her previous optimism has landed her in some bad relationships. She will not be fooled easily. If you try to cross her, she will come for vengeance.  Be honest with her. There is a chance she might not want to go all romantic either. Make sure you are on the same page. She is also known to date attractive men.  So while you don’t need a big paycheck, you need to be charming.


Type Edie

She is hot and she is tough.  She might be a little gullible sometimes.  But she has the occasional soft spot like any other gal. However, beware! She will enjoy seeing you suffer so try not to make her angry.

She loves her guys rich and athletic, so if you are not at least one of the two, don’t even bother. Did that sound shallow? Well, she is. She is shallow and she has insecurities. But she knows how good she looks so if you want to damage her self-esteem, don’t try to insult her looks. She just won’t buy it.


Type Lynette

Now, talk about a control freak! Hey, don’t freak about it just yet. She is not nuts about neatness and order. She just likes to feel like she is  in charge of every aspect of her life. Hey, everyone has baggage. She kind of had a rough childhood, so she finds it hard to let go. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t know a good time though. She is also smart, cunning and very successful. Don’t ever think that she will let the businesswoman in her die. If you are the easily intimated type and can’t really handle competition, run! Run now. But be sure to keep in mind that you are missing out on a woman who can challenge you on everything.


Type Bree

How domestic are you? Do you like to be taken care of? Well, if yes- you are very lucky. Not only she is very good at all sorts of housework, she enjoys them. She is also very traditional. It might be hard for you to get along if you are a slob, but prove that you are worth it and she will ignore your imperfections. Just give her some time to adjust if you have some wild stuff going on. Yeah, she is worth it. She might be obsessive compulsive but she is a fiery redhead. You also have a better chance if you are more into opera than hip-hop. But hey, fascinate her in bed and she might forgive you for all that “bad” taste.


Type Gabby

How much of a challenge do you like? She likes her men strong, powerful and wealthy. You need to be protective, jealous, attentive and interested. Neglect her and she won’t hesitate for a second to jump into bed with the first hottie she spots. She doesn’t care about ethics. She is an ex-model. She knows she looks good and she knows she deserves the attention. If you prove you are good enough, she might stick by your side- even when things go wrong. But she loves revenge so if you make her mad, you will lose. She hasn’t lost a battle yet.

What are you waiting? Go on and hone your seduction skills. You are going to need some field practice…

COED Writer