5 Most Ridiculous Old School Sex-Ed Videos


The government is not just in Washington: it’s also in your pants. For much of the last 100 years, the government and various non-profit organizations have produced informational material on sex and sexually transmitted diseases. Sex education in the United States benefited greatly from the inception of film. Soon, countless “educational” films began popping up, espousing the virtues of abstinence and condemning whatever was trendy to villainize at the time. While the sex education films were serious in their day, now they seem simply silly.

1.¬†To the People of the United States – This is a military training film from the World War II era. In times of war, there is a great deal of concern with preventing STDs. There’s nothing worse than losing a battle because your men couldn’t keep it in their pants. Luckily, hearing military higher-ups talk about sex isn’t exactly a huge turn-on.

2. Sex Madness – This film is from the late 1930s. Due to its educational nature, it was allowed to show things that entertainment films were not allowed to show. As such, it is chock full of lesbians, premarital sex, and the biggest villain of all – syphilis. Who’d have thought your grandparents and great grandparents lived in such wild times?

3. Official Military VD training film РAnother WWII-era training film. Just remember: Preventing STDs is for the good of your unit.

4. VD is for Everybody – A fun public service announcement made by the Ad Council in the 1970s. Because everybody knows catchy tunes are the best way to prevent venereal diseases.

5. Boys’ Sex Ed. Video – An incredibly awkward video from the 1960s. First, there’s a nice chat about masturbation. Next, there’s a weird locker room conversation about penis size. One boy confesses that they made the students swim naked at his last school. Apparently he’s from Pedophiliaville.

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