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Spring Break Nightmares!


Imagine yourself in a remote beach location, and your two best friends are with you. With alcohol and boys at hand, this trip couldn’t get any better. That’s until the guy you met turned out to be a serial killer and raped you and your friends before slaughtering you and disposing of your bodies.

Ok, that’s a bit graphic and quite disgusting to read but anything is possible during spring break. All the teens are out from school, and ready to party. All the crazy, creepy, perverted people come out at this time too, and to avoid them or any other strangers the ‘spring break’ rules must be followed.

The following are true horror stories from students from various college campuses.

Kelly’s took a trip with her friends to Jamaica. Kelly and her friends were hanging out on the beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica. At around 6 p.m. a guy comes up to them saying he was from Boston College and invited them to a ‘Happy Hour’. They all agreed to go and he proceeded to take them into the forest where they walked down a dirt road. Finally, they got to this area where there were locals selling various goods on mats like voodoo dolls, handmade bowls and pipes, etc. They turned around and the dude was gone. The girls were scared, so they started picking stuff up and looking at it, pretending they were interested. The vendors started yelling at them to “buy!” and after one man and his wife started chasing them with a giant knife, they ran screaming back to civilization. The girls did end up ok, and made it back to the beach and home.

Spring break rule: NO following a random stranger on the beach to a dirt road at night, didn’t your mother teach you better!?

Adam and his friends from FSU went to Cancun for spring break and decided to get freaky on the beach. They met up with some girls and partied after hours on the beach with fire, music, and alcohol. Adam was having a drunk conversation with one of the girls, Allison. They were hitting it off just fine when Adam recalls feeling dizzy and the last thing he remembers is hitting the floor. Adam and his friends had woken up the following morning, with no clothes no nothing still on the beach. Turns out, the girls had drugged them and stole everything (wallets, clothes, jewelry, and alcohol) before ditching. The boys feel lucky to be alive, but wish they had known better.

Spring break rule: trying to score with hot girls is great, but not if they’re crazy! Watch your drink around strangers; you don’t want to feel mr.pill having you hit the floor.

Jillian had no original plans to go anywhere for spring break. She had limited friends and choices on where to go, what to do. She had work on spring break and figured it was nothing big. She goes to school for the last day before break and meets up with a former employee in the library. They talked, and Devon (former employee) invited her out to South Beach for the weekend. So they went, and Jillian had called out from work and was ready to party. Three days into the trip, Devon and Jillian are having the best time ever. By the fifth night, a heated argument on the reason why she wasn’t putting out yet rose among them. Jillian packed and threatened to leave when suddenly Devon grabbed her by the throat and pushed her on the bed. He then tried to have his way with her, but she was able to fight him off and run out of the room. She was able to make it down to the lobby where she asked for the cops and was able to arrange a way back home with her friend.

Spring break rule: know the person(s) your going away with! Don’t assume cause you work with someone doesn’t mean what they are at work is who they are outside of work!

Jake and his girlfriend went to Mexico for spring break. They had gotten a beautiful room at a resort in some remote town. The town was isolated from a major city for miles and the couple was surrounded by the beauty of nature. Jake took it upon himself to celebrate this break with just his girl Amber so they partied at the resort with some locals and just enjoyed a small party. Two nights before departure, Amber had needed to go into the city for an errand. Jake had to clean up the room from the party the night before so housekeeping wouldn’t fine them for legal reasons. So Amber took it upon herself to find an alternative into the city. She called on a girl she had met at the party from the night before and she offered to take her into town. So they met up, and the girl took Amber to the city. Halfway there, the car pulled to the side and the girl asked amber to hand it over. Amber wasn’t sure what she meant but the girl was going nuts accusing amber for taking drugs and raping her son. The lady pulled out a knife and threatened her. Amber got scared so he got out of the car and ran for the city. Upon arrival she called her boyfriend to come get her, which he did and when she told him what happened he knew what she meant. “The drugs is what I was cleaning up in the room but for the son I have no clue.” Jake decided best to flee Mexico from there, which they did with first class tickets.

Spring break rule: don’t go into the city with unknown locals! Haven’t you ever seen those films where couples do the same thing and they end up dead? Always use the buddy system, always together never alone (or with strangers!) As for those drugs, no comment. Just don’t bring them kids, or do them, yeah totally…

Sarah and her best friend Wendy took a trip to Myrtle Beach for spring break. They had been invited by a guy from a chat website to come to a beach party. The girls were hyped and ready to go for over the 2 years that’s Sarah had been talking to this guy online, she had developed a crush on him. The girls tell their parents there going to another friend’s house for the 3 days and head off on a road trip to South Carolina. They arrive and check into a hotel 10 minutes away from the beach. Sarah spent the few hours of the earl night talking to the internet guy about the party. She had her information and the girls got ready. They went down to the beach, with food and alcohol and walked into a party. The party however, only consisted of guys and they all were over the age 0f 25. Scared out of their mind, the girls dropped everything and ran for their lives. Wendy recalls having to fight off a few, luckily it was just pushes and shoves. Thankfully, the girls had made it back to the hotel where they called security and had themselves watched as they packed and left for the trip back home.

Spring break rule: if you can’t get this one yourself, just lift your hand and smack it on your face. meeting boys over the internet? using chat rooms to hook up with guys and meet him at a beach, at night, with no one else around? point taken, stupidity ranks at number one here.

Much more has happened to people, including disappearances (which are terrible) but the key thing is to be safe and don’t be a complete drunken fool when celebrating spring break!

COED Writer