Your Spring Shoe Collection: The Essentials

Winter has gone on long enough; it’s time to think of a better time, a greener time: spring. But before you welcome the spring months wearing those old running shoes, or weathered loafers consider that while the success of a man starts with the care of his face, it most certainly ends with what he puts on his feet. This spring be prepared for all that comes at you with these five brand’s newest lines.

Adidias: The classic German brand has been popular since, well its inception in 1943, and remains an outlet for individual creativeness, while still considering comfort and performance.  Adidas is responsible for producing two of the most recognizable shoe styles ever; the Stan Smith and Samba, or indoor soccer shoe. They continue to produce practical shoes with style and flare and this spring Adidas has produced the new version of the Nizza high top that is, to say the least, a homage to the “good ol’ days”.


The new high cut  Nizza, a suede shoe with countless possibilities, is a testiment to time and since the 1970’s, when the shoe first appeared, has been an ever present-inclusion in the adidas catalogue.  The Nizza remians a universal image of style and confidence, and can be worn with anything from a suit, to a pair of jeans. This spring, why limit yourself to one style; anything Adidas goes.

Boxfresh, a European brand, has also become popular becuase of their retro style, as well as their weather proof material. A simple leather loafer, or lace up trainer has that “fresh out of the box” feel and look even months after you initially slip them on. The Sparko IV, one of Boxfresh’s most popular products, is back for it’s fourth year on store shelves, and sports a wide range of new colors.

*Sparko IV

They are also prime for late winter and spring use. A unique rubber sole, and wax covered laces can handle anything “mother nature” throws at them. The company has expanded recently from European markets  to Canada and Australia. You may have to cross the border for anything Boxfresh now, but they will be hitting America soon.

Sometimes leather is better:

If you’re a business man, you spend more than 40 hours a week with leather bound to your feet, why not utilize those hours lost to corporate play with a shoe that lends an air to fashion while keeping it simple and sensible. Made to last, Clarks latest shoe, the Un.Randolph, is an updated oxford that offers Clarks Air Circulation System to vent feet properly. While the average person’s feet produce a ¼ to ½ cup of moisture when active, the Un.Rudolph makes it easier to stand on your own two feet.

*Un. Randolph

But if you can’t wait to ditch your shoes for sandals, Sanuk is the brand that can speed that up without turning ahead the clock. Sanuk’s Kingston shoe, or sandal, as they prefer to call it, is made with a textured canvas and military styling. It’s perfect for the weekend, or after work, and it sure beats flip flops when the temperature drops.  Sanük sponsors a diverse group of professional athletes ranging from surfers like Donavon Frankenreiter and Dave Rastovich to rock climbers like Chris Sharma and Randy Leavitt, so you know they can last running errends around town.


Finally, for the later spring months, keep it kickin with Converse Chuck’s. The “new” All Star Double Tongue shoe is now available in all the colors of the rainbow and consumers can access the shoe maker’s website to create and design their own shoe. A far cry from the white, black and blue they use to manufacture. Visit to check it out.

How to properly store your winter footwear:

The changing of the season brings with it a change in wardrobe, but it’s imperative to store your winter footwear properly now, so it can last up against rain, snow and slush next season.

  1. Clean the shoes of any grime and salt residue, as it can damage leather over time. After that, use a shoe touch up, Kiwi is a very popular and trusted brand that will aid in the shoes longevity.
  2. Deodorize your shoes before you pack them away, remember feet sweat, and leaving that smell over the summer months can ruin a great pair of shoes. You can buy foot powder from any shoe department or use Bounty sheets.
  3. The proper storage method is the final step to ensuring your shoes longevity. Purchase plastic bins with tight-fitting lids to store your winter shoe collection and beyond that a dry place is the best place.
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