Movies This Week: March, 5, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Tim Burton tries his best to stamp his gothic style on this classic story, with the help of Johnny Depp (yet again). All the freaky creatures and strange people return in this sequel to the original novels, where the Red Queen has taken over the place, and Alice must help the wonderland residents to take the power back. More Info here!

Brooklyn’s Finest

Three police officers in New York battle with their own individual issues on a daily basis, while all three are involved in a large drug operation. One officer is a near retirement, veteran, Richard Gere, one is undercover and is having loyalty problems between the force and a big time drug dealer, Don Cheadle, and the last is a narcotics officer who’s doing whatever he can to help his family, Ethan Hawke. Crime drama from the man that brought us Training day, Antoine Fuqua. Check out the Brooklyn’s Finest giveaway!

The Book Of Kells

The animated story of a young boy, who lives in a remote outpost, that’s constantly under siege from raiding barbarians. A mysterious man arrives one day and sets the young boy on an adventure to battle evil using the forces of enlightenment.


This film tells five stories about the day to day lives of Muslims and Christians in Ajami, Tel Aviv. Nominated for a lot of different awards, including an Oscar. If the Israeli/Palestinain conflict is something you find interesting, then this is for you.

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