Free Tank Rides!

It’s time to reload and refuel your tanks, for Command and Conquer is back this March!  The next installment for the Command and Conquer game series is Command and Conquer 4: Tiberium Twighlight, set to conclude the story of this epic game saga.

Overall, Command and Conquer games are a part of PC gaming heritage.  That is to say, they kick ass!  Dating back to the ’90s, the games have consistently been amongst the best PC games including a number of great game titles such as: Command and Conquer, Red Alert, Generals – Zero Hour etc (yawn).  Tiberium Twighlight is the 4th game of the Tiberium series that follows on from Tiberium Wars.

The game stars Kane, with the longest running game actor, who is set to make a final appearance in the game saga.  Much will be revealed, as the Kane story concludes in Tiberium Twighlight through live-action cinematic.  Overall, there will be two playable factions: the GDI and NOD as well as two non-playable factions, the Scrin and Forgotten, that will compliment the story.

So it’s another C&C game, what’s new?  Well actually, quite a lot!  For the first time this is a Command and Conquer game that will not require players to gather resources to build armies, or indeed to take out all the opposing units.  Command and Conquer 4 will include nodes which need to be taken and held to gain points to win the match.  The game also has class-based gameplay, with three upgradeable classes and player progression.  Overall, up to 90 units will be included in the game, with new units as well as older revamped units such as Mammoth tank, Nod Scorpion and Mammoth Mk Walker.  In addition to this a new crawler unit can be used to move your base, giving bases greater mobility.   While some may question the break from tradition, the game’s lead designer has said:

Players can expect the fast-paced strategic RTS action they’ve come to know and love in the Command & Conquer franchise augmented with new gameplay elements that really ratchet up the intensity.”

Of course, Command and Conquer games have also been great for multiplayer skirmishes.  As with previous C&C games, you can still pummel your opponents into the ground with Command and Conquer 4!  However, in addition to this, new elements have been added with 5 v 5 objective based battles.  An all-new party system has also been introduced in Command and Conquer 4.

You can pre-order Command and Conquer 4 from the official website.  A free bonus mission is also included along with official soundtrack when you pre-order via the website.  The site also includes some good Command and Conquer 4 game trailers and previews.

Overall, Command and Conquer 4: Tiberium Twighlight is set to bring an original addition to a classic game series.  Whether new to the game or a C&C veteran, it will have something to offer.  So get set for battle!