Who Will Be Cast As The Next Wonder Woman?

The latest remake of Wonder Woman is rumored to be hitting theaters in 2011. With no actresses confirmed to play the lead role we have put together a list of actresses who should be considered.

Morena Baccarin

If you’re a Joss Whedon fan, then you’ll recognize Brazilian-born Baccarin from Serenity, Stargate, Firefly and of course V. Very Gullible and amiable, she’s got the body and the looks to pull wonder woman off given the outlines of the character’s heritage according to DC comics. She might not be on the “A” list but TV has made her a recognizable sexy star and should Hollywood wish to give her a leg up, I think that Wonder Woman should be that ideal vehicle for her. Catch Stargate’s last season if you want to see specifically what I’m talking about. Firefly will also cement my opinion, while V is showing her versatile range.  I’d personally make the Wonder Woman suit out of chocolate, and eat it off of her.


Priyanka Chopra

One look at this raven-haired Bollywood beauty and you can just imagine her kicking butt. The former Miss India was featured in a superhero movie called “Krrish“, and best of all she actually really knows Kung Fu! She  has what it takes to make it as Wonder Woman, but could also be something Hollywood needs; an East Asian figure breaking stereotypes and starring as lead in a big western flick.  Yummy.  I’d like to eat Sushi off of her.


Megan Fox

We were psyched out when we saw her work the robot gears as Mikaela in Transformers. She’s definitely got the body, the face, the hair and let’s not forget those curves to entice our eyes. But she does not have any solo action movie under her belt yet. So far being bimbo eye candy on screen is what she does best, and even though she recently said she doesn’t want to play Wonder Woman and thought of the character as “Stupid”, last year her rep was all out saying she would love to do it. Go figure. Regardless I would eat edible Wonder Woman Underoos of of her.

Charisma Carpenter

You remember her from Buffy and Angel. This Actress was a one time front runner for the role according to gossip, and so far as her rep is concerned- she even auditioned. Results were never disclosed and then the movie never happened anyway when they wanted it. She might be the idle person to pull this one out since she is the only actress of the lot who has a mixed heritage with that exotic Amazonian look to play WW. With that face of such innocence, I can say the only thing going against her is star power. She seems to lack that.  I’d like to personally audition her for a remake of 9 1/2 weeks by reenacting that food scene in my apartment with her.

Jessica Biel

Seriously, the only actress of this lot I don’t see in that pretty one piece suit. Why? She doesn’t have that body you imagine when you think of the DC character: average or petite but with lots of power. Linked to this project (don’t even know how that came up) rumors were that at one time, execs thought that her rising star power and demand could make this happen. After seeing Blue Powder recently, I will have to say my choice is yet to be vindicated but many still remain convinced , she can pull it off. Regardless, I would still cover her with whip cream and sprinkles head to toe – everyday is Sundae at Casa de Me.

Megan Gale

in case you’re saying, “Megan who”, Hollywood actually  decided to go with her in the Stars 7 Stripes at the time of the first go round.  I thought they had made a mistake, but when I saw her I thought, “Wow!  I’d eat liver of that chest.”  It obviously turns out that there’s a lot more Megan than just Fox. Check that mouth watering “body” cameo in the movie Stealth – it’s Gatorade thirst quenching. Everything else in her biography is modeling. What qualifies her to play WW is still a mystery but producers do have a fetish for everything Australian – after all it got Crocodile Dundee an assload of work, and he doesn’t have 10% of the rack of sexy, delicious Megan. She was also the prime rib  WB choice to star as our Thermascarian princess in the so far, failed to materialize, Justice League movie.

Miranda Kerr

A recent popular choice that’s seemed to pop out of nowhere, Miranda entered the spot light when she started dating Orlando Bloom (Miranda, how could you do that to me). The public seemed to like that angelic face and those crafty blue eyes she displays so well and let’s not forget that body to die for – I would seriously eat bugs off her belly (albeit choclate covered, but none the less.)  Being a Victoria’s Secret angel has already put her in different sexy garbs and looking closely, we can see her in that WW suit already, with the appropriate anorexic figure to pull it off adequately. Another good thing going for her is that she is Australian and WB seems to want to mold her into another Nicole Kidman somehow through an already popular face. The question to be asked is this: can she act convincingly with a plot for 2 hours.  Try outs, my house, 3:oo PM – bring a bottle of canola oil.

Sophia Bush

We know of Sophia from teen flicks and that slasher piece she did with Sean Bean, called Hitcher. Probably the ideal candidate to fit the bill, what is going for Sophia is that she is young, has that stylish Amazonian panache and has been playing roles where she demonstrated a blaze of talent.It is a quite a treat to look classy and have the needed wits to achieve a bliss of  voluptuousness and intelligence.Then again you got to know how to use it and Sophia seems well versed in that department. Nevertheless, the most convenient factor in her favor is that she is fresh and a wanted face that would not want an eight figure deal to act adequately.  I’d like to cover her in pancakes and sliced bananas, drowned with real maple syrup and eat her clean without a fork.  I might add some nuts to her serving ;)

Jessica Alba

Miss Alba has much experience in the domain of being a super heroine. She was Suzanne Storm in the Fantastic Four and started out in the famous TV show Dark Angel.  Jessica avers to be the perfect person in a way to reel in the public with that million dollar smile and that petite but lethal physique. The only problem that arises is studios don’t see her as a stand alone actress who could make WW happen and still bring the bacon home. They would have to entice a high priced co star or actor, to keep the tandem and we all know how DC comics/WB have been fairing in the department, Dark Knight aside of course. Jessica would obviously jinx the project if she was to be attached anyway. After two unsuccessful Fantastic Fours, studios would not be eager to give her a chance to put another  beloved character in tatters, but if she wants to be covered in peanut butter and massaged vigorously she should call me – tonight!

Michelle Monaghan

After, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, we had the impression that another fast star was on the rise. It was just about the same time that so called casting had been rumored for the WW role. It was no surprise that Michelle’s name fell through of course. But as the project lingered and Mission Impossible 3 and Eagle Eye happened, Monaghan’s star meter seemed to dim down. According to some of our critics, Michelle would offer the Wonder woman  role much in terms of a robust character plagued with maturity and a sense of non-childlike naivety. It was possibly the worst traits to bring up when you speak of casting such a hero on screens. You probably would want that sexy look and that provocative suit to seal the deal but here, we actually had one candidate that was being sought out for an “avant guard” style movie. With an accent on a seriously toned flick instead of the classical comic book hero movies, the emphasis would be on a richly and aptly developed personage that would manipulate its audience with her performance and not let the special effects do all the work.  OK enough with the Hollywood commentary.  That photo of Michelle has me starving!

Despite these candidates being up for the top ten popular choices, they have a tough act to follow.Lynda Carter’s iconic performance of Wonder Woman on TV might have been corny and vanilla by today’s standards but she did personify to near perfection all that was sought out by fans, even by current criteria. She had the Charisma, the the body and all the other necessary attributes to plunge us into fantasy. Conservatively sexy without being too promiscuous about it, Lynda was feisty and yet elegant and hard to stare away from once she locked you down with those lavish blue eyes of hers.Too bad she has passed her prime to reprise that role.

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