Zen Meets Pop with Electronic Pioneers KRAFTWERK

Say hello to Kraftwerks – no, make that go back to 1974 and say hello there. Four decades of electronic sound comes as a CD box set bursting with remastered versions of eight albums that turned  pop and dance music into computerized electronic minimalism. How’s that for Dusseldorf Zen?

These electro-pioneers are as fresh today as ever – so of course the CD is joined by Vinyl releases just like back in the day (record player not included.  treat yourself to one of those ION players with a USB connection to the computer?).  Of Course,  you can also go for the digital downloads if you prefer.

And in case you didn’t know, folks like David Bowie, Dr Dre, LCD Soundsytem and Portishead are among those who’ve been influenced by these guys.

All the Kling Klang studio masters have been updated using the latest studio technology so there’s no embarrassment. Except maybe if you’ve never listened to one of their albums – check out RADIO-ACTIVITY for synthetic Gregorian chants, COMPUTER WORLD with its liquid beatscapes or TECHNO POP (originally called Electric Cafe) for its machine pop, 360 degree view of the multi-channel, multi-lingual musically diverse global village. Or any of the rest of the catalog spanning 35 years of experimentation and electro-delights.

So here’s your chance to snag  a collector’s editions brimming with artwork and the kind of attention to detail that music packaging the music industry has ignored for 30 years.
Learn more about Electronic Pioneers Kraftwerk at www.kraftwerk.com

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