New App Challenges Your Inner Nazi Hunter


Could Nazi-killing become a hot new trend?  When you consider the wonders of history rewritten, such that a film like Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds can inspire, anything’s possible.  Take for example the new iPhone/iPod Touch app 100 Nazi Scalps. No, nothing to do with that ticket-slinging creep you see outside concert venues.  We’re talking the skin and hair trophy taken at your enemy’s expense.

Bleed some Fascist evildoers between iPhone calls

Thank the insane minds of Apalon for creating a platform by which users can live vicariously through a hell-bent-on-bloodletting WWII era allied soldier. This gory exercise in retribution enables players to forage for head fur over the course of 5 levels. Complete missions filled with graphic arcade style imagery and sound, rescue your sergeant, choose from a cache of weapons (the bat and knife are particularly lovely choices), and fight your way through a barrage of baddies until reaching the big boss.  100 Nazi Scalps will surely bring out the Aldo Raine in all of us.

Game features include:

2-way-running game-play

5 levels, each having a mission to accomplish

7 unique weapons for both hands of the soldier (managed by a scrolling selector)
Kills and scalps records

100 Nazi Scalps is available now on iTunes