Movies This Week: February, 26, 2010

The Crazies

Another classic remake from the master of the zombie genre, George A. Romero. Set in a perfect, sleepy, little American town, with law abiding citizens (Not a Gerard Butler in sight), and where nothing much happens. Starting slowly, random residents of the town start committing violent and nonsensical acts. Soon the whole town is going nuts, and a small group of survivors fight for their lives, against the “insanity” infection. Gore fueled, blood splattered, Zombiefest!

Cop Out

Bruce Willis plays an NYPD officer on the hunt, with his partner, for a stolen, rare baseball card, to pay for his daughters wedding. Directed by Kevin Smith, it seems this movie was a long time coming, with Smith wanting to work with Willis again since Die Hard 4, quite a few years ago. Also stars 30 Rock‘s Tracey Morgan.


With a lack of any super powers, (and spelling ability!) Woody Harrelson plays Arthur Poppington – Traffic director by day, Defendor by night. He mistakenly stumbles upon the criminal underworld, and starts his one man fight to take down gun trafficking crime lord, Captain Industry. The story is told by Arthur, while he is sitting with a court appointed psychologist. Sounds like a laugh, and I’m sure it will continue Woody’s recent run of success.

The Art Of The Steal

This is a documentary about Albert C Barnes, a well known art collector from the late 1800s. He amassed a huge collection of art work from various well known artist, but must constantly battle against the politics of the Philadelphia Art Scene. Sounds interesting, but not worth seeing in the cinema.

The Yellow Handkerchief

A petty criminal who’s fresh out of jail persuades two road-tripping teens to give him a lift to his hometown and for some reason they agree. Didn’t their mothers tell them about strangers! The three bond on their journey over their need for acceptance. Give it a miss. I doubt even your girlfriend would be entertained by this.

A Prophet

Tells the story of a young Arabic man, who is thrown into a nightmarish, French prison. He soon finds the opportunities presented to him behind bars are a lot better than when he was a free man. The story follows his descent into the criminal underworld as he makes more and more dangerous connections.

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