Get Your Jeff Spicoli On!


Vans has just released their Spring 2010 shoe line and things are looking good! If you’ve forgotten why Vans are so cool, here’s a quick reminder. Unlike NIKE, Reebok, or Adidas, Vans were not created to make tons of money, but instead for poor beach kids who couldn’t afford the expensive shoes. Because of this the now world-famous Z-Boys of Dogtown quickly adapted the blue authentic Vans as part of their daily uniform. This is all documented in the highly successful film Lords Of Dogtown. Thirty years later and nothing has changed. Vans are still cheap and still made for surfers, skateboarders, and any other alternative athletes. All that’s changed are the selection of different styles. Most recently they’ve hired artists Donny Miller and Taka Hayashi to design a couple of new looks and the new looks are looking good! Plus let’s be honest here- it’s almost impossible to look like a douche bag while wearing Vans. These shoes are never out-dated and the older they get the cooler they look. The only other shoe that could be compared to Vans are Converse, but sadly Chuck Taylor’s are becoming an icon for wanna-be musicians who can’t play guitar for sh*t.

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