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Babes with Blades (On Their Feet)


Figure skating has long been one of the premier events of the Winter Olympics. Perhaps it’s because it’s one of the few events held indoors in front of a large audience, maybe it’s because television can make the event into a huge ad revenue opportunity, but most likely it’s because chicks dig it and guys don’t mind watching because the women are usually pretty hot.

If you’ve never tried to skate, it is not easy. Hours and hours of practice are involved leading to incredibly strong legs which tend to lead up to other really well toned-things. The following are some of the many babes that have donned their skates, and made our hearts skip a beat in the race to Olympic glory, -Past and present.

Dorothy Hamill

This former champion from the 1970s invented some of the moves that dazzle people today. She even started a hairstyle fad – which thankfully had none of the staying power of her athletics. Sadly, Olympians were not as into baring their bodies back then as they are now; this competition shot will give you a good idea what this cancer survivor looked like in her prime.


Peggy Fleming

What made this Olympian stand out from the rest in her day was that she won the only Gold medal for the United States during the 1968 Winter Games in France. Sadly, like Hamill, all we have to admire her form is a competition shot, but what a nice form it was.


Nicole Bobeck

This American skater placed in the high teens in the 1998 Games and has not enjoyed the Olympic fame that many of the others profiled here have- but she is still hot in her own right! Known for some of her legal troubles more than her skating, this babe is no stranger to handcuffs fueling the naughty dreams if fans everywhere. Come on, like you haven’t had a dream about hot chicks in women’s prison doing- things- to each other?


Sasha Cohen

No we’re not talking Borat here or Bruno; this Cohen you want to see scantily clad. She just missed getting a medal at the 2002 Games, but came back strong in 2006 winning the Silver. Sarah will undoubtedly look to to turn that Silver into Gold in Vancouver. As you can see the youngster that surprised people in 2002 has blossomed from a cute kid into one hot, sultry honey!


Michelle Kwan

Michelle has been competing for some time and at the tender age of 29 she is one of the best figure skaters- with ond of the best figures- in U.S. history. In the process of winning Olympic honors twice, Silver in 1998 and Bronze in 2002, she has created one of the best toned bodies ever to hit the ice. God bless America.


Jamie Sale

Her Olympic Gold came with some controversy but who really cares? That was back in 2002; she has since retired from skating and decided to reward us for being men with photos like this one here. She is another reason to actually like Canada too (she’s a native of the Great White North).


Tanith Belbin

What the difference is between ice dancing and figure skating is beyond me (since she is hot she is getting included); then again I only watch either because these chicks are hot. Somehow this bombshell managed not to melt the ice in the Turin 2006 Winter Games to win Silver. Thankfully she took the time out of her training schedule to take this shot for us.


Katarina Witt

Pronounced ‘Vit,’ this German hottie is the personification of sex appeal on ice. After skating into the hearts and loins of fans in the 1980s she was kind enough to bear all in the pages of Playboy in 1998. Her issue became only the second to ever sell out next to the inaugural issue with Marilyn Monroe. If you were lucky enough to see it then or can find one now it will be obvious why.

COED Writer