How to Dress Like a Modern Day Secret Agent Man

What are you wearing (if you’re wearing anything at all to begin with)? You probably don’t care as much as some guys, but maybe you should…Yvonne Strahovski might be taking notice.

Wait, you don’t know who she is??? Where do you live, man?! Yvonne is an Australian actress on the hit NBC show Chuck.  If you ARE unfortunately out of the loop maybe this will bring you back up to speed, check out  Yeah, that’s right, the site is called StraHOTski instead of Stahovski. Go ahead, feast your eyes! But as soon as you’re done there you might want to go shopping.

Sorry, but in order to get this hot spy girl you’ve got to look the part. Take a cue from Chuck Bartowski himself (played by American actor Zachary Levi) and get yourself into some Yvonne -worthy gear.

She likes guys who can take the computer geek look and make it their own. It’s the man that makes the clothes, not the clothes that make the man.

Don’t be afraid to get yourself a tie, Yvonne can help fix it for you too.  A white polo looks professional even if you aren’t a professional at anything.  Black dress pants (or jeans if you’re lazy), a watch, and black converse shoes pull everything together. And don’t forget to smell good.  I guarantee the ladies will notice. See, that wasn’t hard was it?

Now you’re ready for your first mission. Check your local listings for Chuck and watch it.

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