Just in Time for President's Day! Anti-Obama Outerwear!

President Obama has brought to the forefront an entire cross-section of the country we’d thought had gone away. No, I’m not talking about douchey liberals, I’m talking about genuine racists. Not republicans, or even tea-baggers (sheesh- who came up with that one), but 100% unmistakable, cross burnin’, sheet over head wearing (not as a Charlie Brown Ghosts) racists.
The best part? They’re selling t-shirts!

A search of CafePress.com for the quoted phrase “anti obama” pulls in twenty-nine thousand results. Most of these are as basic as anti-Bush t-shirts were – Obama & Hitler hanging out, Obama & Osama Bin Laden Chilling, “Buck Ofama” (a direct parody of “Buck Fush”). Then we have…

Calling a politician a bum’s nothing new, and this t-shirt would be fine if they’d dressed up Obama as, say, Marv from Home Alone. But the point of this t-shirt is “black man smoking cigarette = homeless person.” Unconvinced? Check out…

Now I’m well aware that “drank the kool-aid” can be explained as a reference to Jonestown cultists drinking poisoned kool-aid. But “Sucka?” Really? Can we imagine an anti-Bush t-shirt with the word “sucka” on it? With the addition of the word sucka, the kool-aid reference comes into sharp focus as – yes – the sterotyping of black people enjoying fried chicken, water-melon and kool-aid. It gets better:

Hey, it’s a reference linking Obama with drug sales! You know, like the drugs that black people sell! This t-shirt isn’t, “Obama used to use coke”, this t-shirt is, “Obama sure loves selling coke!”

This t-shirt, entitled “Not A Racial Thing,” stands to directly rebut articles like this one. Now, contrast it with…

This t-shirt says, “Obama’s race is exactly and obviously the problem, dumbass! The guy’s middle name is Muslim, ‘Nuff said! So which is it, twenty nine thousand designs on cafe-press, is his race a problem or not?

Nevermind, loud and clear, his race is a problem for you guys.

But why stop here? If you find any fun, racist anti-obama t-shirts, reply to this posting with the links! Let’s shake Cafe-Press like a black president hating tree and see what we can find!  We’ll send the best find some stupid do-dad that some beggin’ PR type wanted us to write about – who knows – Maybe you could write about it!  We’re hiring! (Just no racists please . .  .or Scientologists j/k.)

Want to write for Coed Magazine?  Send an email and tell us why you’d kick ass to [email protected]  You’ll be glad you did (two words: Fine Chicks)

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Reach Out and Touch Your Phone – Not Yourself
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