Olympo Maniacs! Kristi Leskinen: The New Miracle On Ice

The Miracle On Ice is one of the most storied and celebrated sports matches of all time. During the 1980 olympics, a group of unproven US college kids went up against the greatest hockey team in the world – the Russians – and won.

Throw that miracle in the garbage, because there’s a New Miracle On IceKristi Leskinen. Looking at her causes certain phrases to come to mind – phrases like “I’d ski up her slopes any day,” for example, or “I’d love to get my hands on her ski poles.” Those are disgusting, deplorable sentiments that have no place in the grand olympic tradition, and you should be ashamed for thinking them.

Now let’s ogle this chick!

The Hottest Woman Serial Killers—Gross!
The Hottest Woman Serial Killers—Gross!
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